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Lsn 1      Introduction      History of Judah - Greeks - Mattathias Hasmonaens Hanukkah - Maccabbee - Pharisees - Sadducees - Essenes - Herodians - King James Version of Bible New Testament (27 books - 8 authors) - Apostles.
Lsn 2   John 1; Luke 1;   John the Baptist; In the Beginning - Creation; Writer, John the Baptist; Jesus worked out his Salvation; See God - a Holy Man, not incomprehensible uncreated immaterial spirit nothingness; Apostate Christendom; Zacharias’ vision of Angel Gabriel; Angel appears to Mary; Joseph was to name baby Joshua or Jeshua; Simeon & Anna witness of Christ; Jesus increased in wisdom & stature & favor with God; King Herod & Wise Men; Kingdom of Heaven & Kingdom of God.
Lsn 3   John 1-3 & 7;
Matt 3-4
  John the Baptist; Repentance; Jesus Baptized by immersion; Trinity; Pharisees - Sadducees; John was asked “By what authority?”; New Baptism; Old covenants done away; Don’t counsel God; Jesus taught a practical religion; Accept Christ to be saved; the Trinity-The Father, The Son & The Holy Spirit; Satan tempts Jesus; Could Christ be tempted?; Apostles fishers of men; Son of Man title occurs in NT about 40 times; MAN OF HOLINESS; First miracle water turned to wine; Jesus had siblings.
Lsn 4   John 2-4   Jesus did not flirt with temptation; Jesus at temple for Passover; Furious with traffickers in Temple; NT is the study of the higher law; The difference between the fullness of Gospel & Preparatory Gospel; Higher & lower Priesthoods; Woman of Samaria at Jacob’s Well; Salvation is of the Jews; Be not one dispensation behind; Law of Moses never intended to replace Jesus - He came to rescue the Law; OT (or Pentateuch) divided into 3 parts - The Law, The Prophets & The Writings; Later added oral law; The Midrash - and the Mishna; Generation of vipers-false teachers poison souls; New Baptism - description of old; Jesus’ character defined; Story of Nicodemus & being born again; If ye believe not earthly things how will you believe heavenly things?; Men love darkness more than light; Righteous people come to the light.
Lsn 5   Mark 1-5-9; Luke 4-5-11-
17; Matt 8-9-14-15-17
  Christ as a child; Why Jews lost sight of the Messiah; Miracles of Christ - cast out evil spirits; pre-existence; Powers & desires of evil spirits; Unbelief cause miracles to cease; Dr. George Richie story; Modern whale story - James Bartley; Kingdom divided can’t stand; Lucifer’s ministers can perform miracles in imitation; Knowledge of Christ comes thru Holy Spirit; Healing leper & one sick with palsy; Remittance of sins is therapy which heals; If not appointed unto death - can be healed; Ten Lepers - Were not l0 cleansed, where are the nine? – Prayers of thanksgiving & gratitude are important!!
Lsn 6   Luke 7-8-10-13; Matt 8-9,
15-17-21; Mark 9; John 5
  Miracles - Son of Nobleman; Woman, issue of blood. Active & passive faith; Deaf man with speech impediment; Blind man restored sight in stages; Young man with evil spirit; Belief makes all things possible; Apostles - why could we not cast them out?; Who can cast out evil spirits; Daughter of Canaanite woman miracle; Roman centurion miracle; Faith to be healed a gift; Should Jesus pay tribute or tax money? - fish with coin in mouth; Jesus healed on Sabbath as he is Lord of the Sabbath; Sabbath evolved into a hollow mockery of original intent; Miracle of man lying by the troubled waters; Fig tree cursed. Blessings come: 1) By asking, 2) By believing, 3) Reserved to those who have faith and are obedient, 4) Conforming lives to the Divine standard - Properly exercised through prayer, 5) Are purified and cleansed from all sin - ask whatever in name of Christ & it shall be given you.
Lsn 7   Matt 9-l0   The Twelve pre-ordained; Most valuable to the Lord is to bring souls to Him; First taught to “lost sheep of Israel”; Given power like unto Jesus; Told not to pray; Paul’s suffering - other missionaries will suffer; Lord did not come to send peace but a sword; God does not approve of so-called holy wars or the spread of gospel by the sword or your leaders; SERMON ON THE MOUNT AND 8 BEATITUDES; More to learn on the other side after death.
Lsn 8   Matt 5-6; Luke 11   Ye are the salt of the earth - a light on a hill - without reflecting His spirit, we cannot be a beacon of light to lead; Jesus sits on Mt. Of Beatitudes & teaches “Here is the way, walk ye in it. - new day, new order, new way, new gospel”; Jesus gave 12 additional gospel concepts on Murder: 2) Anger; 3) Reconciliation; 4) Avoid legal entanglements; 5) Adultery; 6) Cast sins away not body parts; 7) Divorce; 8) Gospel Oaths; 9) Retaliation; l0) Persecution through Legal means; ll) The Law of Love; 12) Perfection; THE LORD’S PRAYER; ask of God more fervently.
Lsn 9   Matt 6-7-11-14   Fasting; Treasures in heaven - for where your heart is there will your heart be also - No man can serve 2 masters; Consider the lilies of the field; Seek ye first kingdom of God; Judge not that ye be not judged; N. Eldon Tanner’s talk on judging; A vicious tongue; The worth of a human Soul; Do not cast your pearls unto swine; Ask of God for answers; HOPE - Bruce R. McConkie - Stay on the Path; Not enough to say Lord, Lord - must do will of the Father as well; Jesus says “I Never Knew Thee”; John the Baptist sent disciples to Christ, the forerunner of Christ beheaded; Three great truths given; Sabbath made for man; “He that is not with me is against me."
Lsn 10   Matt 7-8-9-13; Luke 7-8;   Woman washed Jesus' feet; Guidelines for interpreting the Lord’s parables; Simon reprimanded; “I AM NOT COME TO CALL THE RIGHTEOUS, BUT SINNERS TO REPENTANCE”; Parable of the Sower; Parable of the Four kinds of Soil; Wheat & Tares; Parable of the seed growing by itself; The Mustard Seed; Leaven; Parable of the Hidden Treasure; Pearl of Great Price; A double minded man is unstable in all his ways; Can’t be Neutral - it refuses to keep evil in check & thus is the great sympathizer & nurturer of evil; Receive not the restored gospel you lose.
Lsn 11   John 5-6; Matt 14-15;
Rev 16
  The Loneliness of Leadership; You cannot lift another unless you stand on higher ground than he; The Son now equal with the Father; He can do nothing but what he seeth the Father do; His power comes from the Father; All shall be resurrected even Sons of Perdition; LAW OF WITNESSES; No man has seen God EXCEPT them who believe; Who are Christ’s witnesses? - 6 listed in lesson; Refuse to give honor; Christ FEEDING THE 5 THOUSAND and the Sermon on the bread of life. Referral to manna, Elijah fed by ravens, and the widow who fed him during drought. Will we be cleaned by Famine?; Parable of the LOAVES AND FISHES; Nine Reasons why Christ performed this miracle; Peter walks on water; Christ controls the waters & so did Enoch, Noah, Moses, Joshua, Elijah & Elisha.
Lsn 12   John 6; Matt 7-15-16   Bread of Life; Will you go away?; Christ sifting hearts; Christ accused of sabbath violations; Corban; Responsible for parents; Sign seeker Jesus declares war; Who do ye say I am?; Peter rebuked; Take up your cross
Lsn 13   Matt 17; John 3   Transfiguration; Faith; Personal stories
Lsn 14   Matt 17-18; Luke 9-10   Voice of Father heard; Jesus’ ministry at end; Doth not your master pay tribute? Who is greatest in Heaven? Woe to those who offend little ones; If thine eye offend thee; Parable of Lost Sheep; Calling & instructions to the seventies; Feast of Tabernacles; Tolerance, forbearance, charity; Foxes have holes; Spirits subject to you; Voice of the Father; Lawyer tempts Christ; Parable of the good Samaritan
Lsn 15   Luke 10; John 7-8-9-11   Mary & Martha; Feast of Tabernacles; No authorized Rabbi , had not letters; This man MUST be Christ; Doth the law judge before hearing? Adulteress brought to Christ; Christ light of world; Free men or bondsmen?; Abraham’s Seed; Jehovah was my name; Blind man healed
Lsn 16   John 9, l0, 16; Luke12, 13   Work while it is DAY; Jesus violated the sabbath; Will ye also be His disciples; Greater light - greater condemnation; The Good Shepherd; Ye are gods; If ye receive light ye get more light; Brother divide thy inheritance with me; Parable of Rich Fool; Son of Man delayeth coming- eat,drink & be merry; Parable of the Barren Fig Tree
Lsn 17   Luke 13-14-15-16;
Matt 18

Parables of Wedding Guests; Great Supper; Lost Sheep, Prodigal Son; The Unjust Steward; Law of Sacrifice; Lazarus & Rich Man; Converts should count cost before joining Church; Law of reparation; Cannot serve two masters; Take care of poor

Lsn 18   2 Peter  

Spirit Prison - Hell – Bright Recollection of guilt; status of couples not sealed

Lsn 19   John 11; Luke l7
Matt 19-20

Lazarus raised from dead; Jesus wept; Better that one man should perish; Parables: Ten Lepers, Importunate Widow, Pharisee & Publican, Laborers in Vineyard, Rich Young Man

Lsn 20   Matt 17-18-21; Luke

Jesus foretells death; Apostles want preferential treatment; Heals blind man; Amends & restitution; Christ riding on an ass; Parable of The Pounds; Jesus wept over Jerusalem; Cleansed temple a 2nd time; cursed fig tree; Destroy temple & in 3 days I will raise it up; Where does Jesus get his authority; Parable of the Wicked Husband- man; temporal sovereigns

Lsn 21   Mark 11-14; Matt 21-23   Christ anointed; Christ scathing in denouncing hypocrisy; A Bible, a Bible; Parables of the Husbandman; Royal Marriage Feast; What do I do to inherit eternal life?
Lsn 22   Matt 23; John 12  

The Beatitudes; Seven woes; Woe unto ye Lawyers; Am I My brother’s keeper; Widow’s mite; I have glorified it and glorify it again; If I be lifted up...; Walk in darkness at noon day; signs of last days; The love of many wax cold; apostasy & false Christs

Lsn 23   Matt 24-26; Luke 1  

Last days - wars, famine, plagues, pestilence, earthquakes; Jews scattered; Book of Mormon like a light will break forth; Six points in Olivet Discourse on last days; Thief in the night; Can’t be indifferent – endure to the end; Parables of Ten Virgins; The Talents

Lsn 24   Matt 9; Luke 22;
John 13-14
  Passover & Feast of Unleavened Bread; Twelve again wanted preference; Peter washed Jesus’ feet; Judah’s betrayal; Ten points on What Jesus does for us in sacrament; I go to prepare a place; Son in express image of the Father; Greater works than these; Ask in My name; The two Comforters; Holy Ghost sent by Father in the name of Jesus Christ; Bring all things to your remembrance
Lsn 25   Luke 22; John 14-17
Mark 14; Matt 26
  Comforter will come; Peace I leave with you; The stone has become headstone; The Great Intercessory Prayer; When thou art converted; Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane; Let this cup pass; Betrayed with a kiss; Jesus’ arrest; Before the cock crows Peter will deny Christ thrice; Officer struck Christ for speaking out to the high priest
Lsn 26   Luke 22-23; John 18;
Matt 26-27
  Angel appeared to strengthen Christ in Gethsemane; Christ warns us to accept him; Art thou the Christ; I Am that I Am; Thirty pieces of silver; Pontias Pilate; crucify Him; 3 points of high treason; What is truth?; Tell that fox (Herod); Christ scourged; His blood be on us & our children
Lsn 27   Luke 23; Matt 27-   King of the Jews; Christ crucified; Father forgive them; A sword shall pierce thy soul; My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?; Jesus body claimed by rich man of Arimathaea; Women at sepulcher; Angel appeared to Mary Magdalene
Lsn 28   John 20-21; Luke 24   Christ resurrected; Jesus appeared to Mary and Peter; Apostles had gone fishing; I go before you into Galilee; Lord telling Peter he would die & John translated; Christ’s last recorded visit On Sea of Galilee
Lsn 29   Acts 1-3  

Given gift of Holy Ghost; Ask Father In My name; Signs follow those who believe; New apostle to replace Judas; Pentecost; Sons and daughters will prophesy; David – thou will not leave my soul in hell; Peter performs miracles; The restoration; the longer we persist In evil the more evil we become

Lsn 30   Acts 4-7   Law of Recompense; Apostles questioned by Jews on authority; United Order; Ananias & Sapphira liars; Persecution and tolerance; Organize yourselves; Stephen & Phillip perform miracles; Held only Aaronic Priesthood; Stephen stoned; Saul consented to Stephen’s death
Lsn 31   Acts 8-10   Saul becomes Paul; Phillip converted Simon a sorcerer - wanted to Purchase Priesthood; Eunuch converted; Christ appeared to Saul; Saul sent to Cornelius; Christ spoke to Peter and Apostles to go to Gentiles
Lsn 32   Acts l0-13   God is no respecter of persons; Peter returns to Jerusalem to report to other Apostles; Called Christians; Repentance; James killed; Angel released Peter from prison; Herod died; Barnabus, Saul, and John called on missions; John leaves mission
Lsn 33   Acts 13-14-16-21   Scheduled range of priorities; Nations offered gospel on different occasions; Judge yourselves unworthy of Eternal life; Paul stoned, raised from the dead; Topic of circumcision; Apostles set policy; tolerant & charitable to new members; Timothy circumcised; difference between necessity & convenience; Paul cast out evil spirit from damsel
Lsn 34   Acts 16-17; Thess 5;
2 Thess 1; John 4
  Apostles cast out devils; Paul & Silas prayed – earthquake John 4 released them from prison; Belief and works; Paul’s manner of teaching; Children of night & day; Steps to improve relationship with God; Tribulations; God dwells in fire; Agency; Work and labor; Atheistic materialists & Stoics encounter Paul
Lsn 35   Acts 17-21   Many Gods in Athens; Mars Hill to the Unknown God; We know who we worship; Apocrypha; Be not afraid to speak; Paul sailed to Syria; Paul makes vow - shaves head; Paul’s 3rd missionary journey Aquila & Pricilla taught Apollos; Two baptisms-water & fire; Exorcists overcome by evil spirits; Demetrius – a silversmith - make silver shrines for Temple of Diana; Paul raised young man from the dead.; wolves would enter into the flock; Agabus prophesies of Paul’s imprisonment
Lsn 36   Acts 21-23-24; Galatians l  

Paul in Jerusalem - falsely Galatians l accused of violating temple & teaching against law; Life saved by Roman; Ananias commands Paul be struck on the mouth & Paul exclaimed “Thou whited wall;” Jews took an oath to kill Paul; Sent to Felix and Porcius Festus & Then King Agrippa & Bernice; Almost thou persuadeth me to be a Christian; We or angel preach any other Gospel; old order superceded by the new; False teachers

Lsn 37   Gal 2-4; I Cor   Circumcision; God will give as much saving truth as people can bear; Law of God given Jews; Lawbreakers need Christ; Saved by grace; Law of the Harvest; Men called of God – not of themselves; Unity; Weak of world chosen to preach plain, simple, compelling manner; The natural man
Lsn 38   I Cor 2-6   Paul’s two problems - Judaizers & Greeks; Wisdom of men & wisdom of God; Be one; Saints inherit all things; Don’t judge as all men err; Don’t be puffed up in pride; Paul says follow me for I follow Christ; Greater than the angels; Those who do not repent lose kingdom; Fornication; Marriage; Dust of the earth more obedient than man
Lsn 39   I Cor 9-12  

Plurality of Gods; Status of man and woman; Personal worthiness essential prerequisite in all Gospel ordinances. Don’t partake of sacrament if unworthy; Gifts of the Spirit listed; Women in Church; Order in the resurrection; How kingdoms of glory assigned

Lsn 40   II Cor 1-13   Flattery of prominent men in the world, false educational ideas & sexual impurity; Christ can lift our burdens; False teachers water down doctrines; Gospel greater than the Law of Moses; Where the Spirit of The Lord is there is liberty; honesty; Hope; a new creature; Magnify callings; Godly sorrow for sin; Saints must pass through tribulations; Give not grudgingly; Boasting; Satan sends false apostles; Lord gives men weaknesses; Paul not one whit behind the chiefiest apostles
Lsn 41   II Cor 12-13; Romans 1-7   Avoid contentions; Examine yourselves; Three important gifts – faith, gift of the Spirit & righteousness; Topics of justification; Homosexuality; Neutrality; Tolerate; Be doers not hearers only; Justified by grace, works & faith; Faith operates by law
Lsn 42   Romans 7-9; Heb. 1  

Predestination; Foreordination; Pre-existence; Prophet represents Christ; Fullness of gospel goes to Nations on priority basis; Be subject to God’s ministers; Fellowship one another & gentiles; value of O.T.; Seven points on what is pre-existence

Lsn 43   Hebrews 2-10  

Old law vs. gospel; Great High Priest; Enter into the rest of the Lord; Two priesthoods – Melchezedec supersedes the Aaronic; Men must be called to Holy Priesthood - cannot ordain selves; Though He were a Son yet He learned obedience by the things He suffered; Meat not milk; First Principles of the Gospel; Crucify Christ afresh; Unpardonable sin; Abraham sits on his throne; Melchizedek the man & priesthood; The Priesthood is without father or mother; points contrast Levitical Priests with Jesus; Moses was ancient mediator - Christ is our Mediator with the Father

Lsn 44   Hebrews 11 - Ephesians   Saints strangers & pilgrims; Sacrifice; Prayer-personal story; Deborah & Barak; Better resurrection; Faith to endure suffering; Whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth; Spirits of just men made perfect; Entertain angels unaware; Lord delights in chastity; Saints foreordained to receive gospel; Salvation by grace; One true church
Lsn 45   Philippians; Colossians;

Protect republic & constitution - prophets speak; Act as though Christians; Not robbery to be equal with God; Apocrypha quotations; Work out own salvation; Don’t murmur or dispute; Sacrifice all To be heirs; Press toward the mark; Every good thing comes from gospel; spiritual understanding comes from Holy Spirit; Christ – firstborn of every creature; Mystery of God; Beware of philosophy; Life is hid with Christ; Wife’s role

Lsn 46   Titus I & II; Timothy   Epistle of obedience; George Washington – be Christian even in war; Teach correct doctrine; No promise of mercy to the wicked; Apostates punishment based on type and degree; Christ ordained to be a minister; Women’s conduct in the Church; Bishops; Still small voice of the Spirit; Conscience seared with hot iron; Marriage; replace spiritual exercise with Physical exercise; Care for WORTHY poor; Men are to provide for their family; Love of money is evil; Science; Immortality and eternal life; Contention is of the devil; Men & women lovers of self, boastful, self-centered, covetous, prideful, unthankful, without natural affection, despisers of righteous, high minded, etc.; Satan leads women away captive; philosophies
Lsn 47   James  

Faith and works; Ask God for wisdom; Double minded man; Choose ye this day; Take responsibility for self; Be doers not hearers only; Truth shall make you free; True religion; Favoritism & bias wrong; Though your sins be as scarlet; Tongue the mirror of the soul; Patience; He who converteth a sinner hides multitude of sins

Lsn 48   I & II Peter  

Christ foreordained to be Redeemer; Purify hearts & minds; Abstain from fleshy lusts; Gossip; Ungodly turn freedom into license; Suffering; Husbands and wives honor each other; Christ preached to spirits in prison; Joseph F. Smith vision of the dead; Don’t procrastinate; Come to Christ; Charity; We’ll experience fiery trials even if we are Saints; Priest- Hood to serve with zeal & energy; Be Thou humble; Calling & Election; Three grand secrets; Sure Word of Prophecy; Lustful saints perish in own corruption; Bible scoffed at in latter days

Lsn 49   John 1-3; Jude  

How to find fellowship with God; The Word was God; God is light; Christ our Advocate with Father; Story-THE ROOM; Our wickedness causes curse to come upon land; Abide in light – Love not world; Antichrists; Christ warns punishment severe, how sore we know not; By your fruits ye shall know them; Blessings contingent on conditions; God is love; false prophets; Not every spirit, vision, or sign is of God; No man hath seen God - income- plete; Born again – water, blood, spirit; John described Heavenly Father; God loves us so He sent His Son to atone for our sins; Prayers answered according to His will; Love one another and you abide in the light

Lsn 50   Revelations 1-5   John’s vision; Letters to seven churches - praise And condemnation; Eleven promises given Saints who overcome; Become a God; Saw the Father; Beasts in heaven; Opening Seven seals; Severe persecution
Lsn 51   Revelations 6-11   More on Seven thousand year seals; White horse - victory; Red horse - power To take peace from earth; Black horse - Famine; Pale horse - death & hell; Christian martyrs; huge earthquake; 144 thousand sealed; judgments come with the opening of 7th seal. l/3 ocean life destroyed. John eats little book; Two witnesses raised up in Jerusalem, killed – rose up after 3 l/2 days to heaven; temple in Heaven.
Lsn 52   Revelations 12-end   Time no longer; More on little book; John holds keys of the kingdom on The earth; Great sign in heaven; Woman is restored Church; Lord counsels missionaries; war in heaven; Satan is the dragon & is worshipped; Evil & devil led powers to arise & gain dominion over men; the mark of the Beast; Lord stands on Mt. Zion with 144,000; angel seen with the everlasting gospel to be restored in latter days; Eight great & wonderful truths; Plagues will come – six listed; Three unclean spirits – working miracles; islands flee; Mountains cease; Kingdom of Satan depicted as a harlot; Church of the Devil. Twelve things wicked governments do to the people; Greater the wickedness the greater the suffering; Final battle at Armageddon; Woe to those pregnant; Nations battle – huge destruction - men smitten with madness – blind rage overrule reason. Two thirds of armies destroyed; Christ appears to Jews; Marriage Supper of the Lamb; Jesus riding White Horse – comes in red apparel; Satan bound; the great judgement of all men & women; New Jerusalem; Second Death; Earth celestialized; A river and a Tree of Life. IT IS FINISHED.