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Lsn 1      Introduction
& Section 1
     Introduction to D&C & Church History. (This book bears the honor of a preface given by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself). Christ’s promise of protection to the righteous & His warning to the rebellious. Prepare for what is coming. Lord is angry – His people have strayed. Turn from iniquities or face wrath of God. Missionaries proclaim truths. The fullness of His Gospel now again on earth. God’s Spirit will not always dwell with man. Search commandments & scriptures or stand condemned.
Lsn 2   Section 2   Lucy Mack Smith’s testimony; history of Joseph Smith; importance of families being sealed together. Who are the fathers and who are the children?
Lsn 3   Sections 2-4   More on Joseph Smith; Translation of Book of Mormon; Martin Harris takes plates to Professor Anton. Martin borrowed some writings & they were lost. The Lord said His work cannot and will not be frustrated. Joseph entrusted with these sacred things; Joseph Smith Sr.; a marvelous work and a wonder about to come forth. Given to us so we can stand blameless before God. If ye have desire to preach gospel, ye are called; characteristics of a missionary. Lord commands plates be shown only to a few chosen by Him. Urim and Thummin.
Lsn 4   Sections 5-10   Don’t run faster or labor more than you have Strength; pray always; Lord explains Satan’s plan to destroy man; Joseph given wisdom to deal with evil men; Lord says he is not bringing forth Book of Mormon to destroy Bible - rather it confirms that sacred record; He affirms He is Jesus Christ. Other Sheep; men wrest the scriptures. Repent – come to Him. Lord provides three witnesses & says men will be condemned if they don’t receive the testimony He gives to them.
Lsn 5   Sections 6,8,
9, 17 
  John The Baptist appears; Lord speaks to the witnesses He has chosen, they are shown the plates. He has a mission for each of us. Say nothing but repentance to this generation. Oliver Cowdery given gift of spokesman for Joseph – like Aaron to Moses. Two or three gathered, the Lord will be there. Oliver desired to translate – Lord warned “Without Faith you can do nothing” Oliver & Joseph saw cave with thousands of ancient gold plates. When called - proceed with all diligence or calling lost. Ask, ye shall receive – knock, it will be opened to you; The thing of most worth is to declare repentance.
Lsn 6   Sections 7-19   John the Revelator translated – became ministering angel; Hyrum Smith given gift of a tender, sympathetic heart & merciful spirit; minds now enlightened; trust in the Spirit & be obedient. To be missionary “wait a little longer until trained in correct doctrine.” You need not suppose ye are called to preach until ye are called. Don’t assume authority. David, John & Peter Whitmer assist in the work; other missionaries called. Lord affirms Joseph Smith is the prophet. Worth of souls great in eyes of God. Contend against no church save the Devil’s Church. If ye know not the name by which ye are called… Jesus Christ is the name; I command ye to REPENT lest I smite you; I God have suffered & bled from every pore; get out of debt; I am the light which shineth in darkness; Thou hast a gift… If you joy over one convert, how great will be your joy bringing in many converts.
Lsn 7   Sections
  Lord proclaims Himself (Alpha & Omega – Christ the Lord – I AM HE – The Beginning and The End – The Redeemer of the World). Lord explains the expression End of World; all will be judged either as criminals or as children of the Lord. Explanation of eternal damnation & eternal punishment; Ye are gods; Hell; Why does God com- mand his children? Pray vocally & in heart. What does God look like? Gospel given to Adam; Doctrine of grace & sanctification; joy great if you convert but one soul; The Sacrament Prayers.
Lsn 8   Sections
  Three Requirements for baptism; Paul vs. James on faith & works; Lord explains offices in Church & the proper mode of baptism; Lord speaks of sacramental bread & wine and how to deal with transgressors; Lord says a record is to be kept; actual day Church is organized; commanded again to listen to Joseph - He is the Lord’s anointed for this dispensation; those who labor for God receive blessings; Oliver Cowdery called first preacher of this church before world; Joseph Smith & Oliver ordained elders; The cross not displayed.
Lsn 9   Sections
  Saints persecuted – mobs reject them like the missionaries of the past; pride; Samuel Smith’s mission; Prayers fall on deaf ears; First miracle in the Church; Prophet arrested on false charges - trial a sham; Saints had to flee for lives; Joseph compared to Moses; The Lord’s creations; when called - answer the call; magnify office; beware of pride lest ye enter into temptation; Joseph’s gifts spiritual not financial; cursing on believers not performed on slight provocations – only by Spirit – man can’t see the heart; Not to sue at the law; only revelation directed to a woman – Emma Smith – murmur not – an elect lady, choose sacred hymns; It will be given thee… what to say; declare gospel as a triumph.
Lsn 10   Sections
  Joseph in Harmony, Penn.; Joseph stopped by an angel when going to buy wine for sacrament - told that it mattereth not what you partake in regard to Sacrament but do it with an eye single to the glory of God; commemorates his death – not a sacrifice, rather a representation of sacrifice. Peter, James and John; names of Archangels; gird up our loins; put on whole armour of God; put on the shield of faith, helmet of salvation. Satan introduces a seer stone; Oliver received specific directions; who can receive revelation? Teachers must teach true doctrine. Preach to Lamanites; the New Jerusalem; proper way to correct errant brother; declare gospel with rejoicing; important doctrines given brethren before their missions.
Lsn 11   Section 29   Ye are chosen out of the world to declare My gospel; I am in your midst and am your Advocate with the Father… be glad; Little Children redeemed through Christ, they cannot sin – Satan cannot tempt till age of accountability; man appointed by God the days of his probation. Commandments temporal and they are also spiritual. Lord’s people to be gathered to America in one place for training to go into the world; Lord warns nations to repent before disaster; some warnings already given – destruction throughout world is occurring; calamities will abound; wicked will not pay attention; spirit world, prison; children of men will appeal to the atonement of Christ in vain – too late! Plagues will come; people cry out in anger against the Lord; Great and Abominable Church. Judgements to come upon the Nations for the Church of the Devil well established; Kingdom of God will not be joined by everyone – many sects preaching continue during Millennium; conditions after 1,000 year Millennium. Spiritual and temporal creation of earth; not one hair of your head lost; Hell – not decreed by God that these shall return.
Lsn 12   Sections
  Various directions given by the Lord to those now called on missions & their stories; we are in closing scenes of the present world; field is white ready to harvest. Prepare the way of the Lord; cry repentance. The Lord said ‘time is near;’ all nations tremble; kingdoms torn to pieces. Lord again testifies of Himself, affirms the Gentiles great folly & abominations – falsehoods overcome; calls on weak & unlearned to thrash the nations of the world by the word of his Gospel. The Lord says Joseph has keys of the mysteries & fullness of Gospel as promised in Revelations. Joseph told to move to New York & then Ohio, and westward. Revile not against those who revile. None doeth good except those who accept gospel. I will be their shield & they will fight manfully for Me. Fear not little flock.
Lsn 13   Sections
  He that receiveth my law and doeth it is my disciple, he that doeth not is not; building Zion our greatest object; Lord says now people will receive His law; As man is God once was; gives names of the Father – MAN OF COUSEL, MAN OF HOLINESS. Billions of galaxies; control light; seraphs or angels; Lord knows all things. Enoch & his city; Lord says the wicked kept in ‘chains of darkness’ until Judgment; The Lord has visited His temple; soon veil of darkness rent & all will see Him; enemy shall not overcome; land made rich by the Lord, righteous covenanted to receive it; explains stages earth went through; Lord is King; teach one another and love them; warns of enemy in secret chambers; those who want war; calamities again predicted for last days; enemy will seek your lives; an endowment to be received from on high; be rich to things spiritual not temporal. Save yourselves; be ye clean. Parable of the Sower.
Lsn 14   Sections 39-
  Fear and persecution causes one to reject calling as missionary. Not all who say “Lord, Lord” shall enter kingdom of Heaven. Newel K. Whitney enters Church; many plain & precious truths removed from Bible; calling of bishops; revelation here called THE LAW OF THE LORD; all blessings predicated upon law; the missionaries to go 2 by 2 – prayer of faith; follow doctrine – not own opinion; lift up voices by Comforter; Ten Command- ments and moral commandments found in scriptures; personal story – no repentance; if ye receive not the spirit ye do not teach.
Lsn 15   Section 42   Laws of the Lord; adultery; do not speak evil of neighbors; if thou love Me keep My commandments; the Lord’s method to help poor; saints forbidden to be proud in their hearts; those that are idol and those who are sick – faith to be healed - blessings; death sweet to the righteous; if thou shalt ask; murderer; handling offenses between members; instruct & edify one another.
Lsn 16   Sections
  Missionaries – Lift up voices & spare not; wake up – people asleep; missionaries will be called home, Lord will preach own sermons with calamities; etc. This is the LAST CALL. Satan will be bound. (longest & most doctrinal sections); rapid growth of Church – great opposition; Lord is our ADVOCATE WITH THE FATHER pleading, “Father, behold the suffering and death of him who did no sin...” Hear while there is yet time!! Lord is a responsible parent, he reasons with us; spirit without body feels in bondage; Olivet Discourse – signs of last days; men will stand in holy places for safety in last days; great things await you; don’t battle Zion – Zion is terrible; Lord will fight our battles; sacrament meetings to be guided by the Spirit; don’t ask for signs. If not appointed unto death you can be healed by faith; The New Jerusalem a city of refuge, a place of safety for the saints of the Most High God; Let us not go against Zion for it is terrible.
Lsn 17   Sections

Foolish stories; transgressors must make reconciliation before partaking of sacrament; seek best spiritual gifts; Word of Wisdom; gifts – knowledge, wisdom, faith to be healed, working of miracles, prophesy, discerning spirits, speaking tongues (often misused or misunderstood). Keep history of Church; shakers bound in tradition & priestcraft; Lord gives instructions on food; woe pronounced on those who kill animals wantonly; not everything supernatural from God – Satan and his followers deceive us; both teacher and student must have Spirit of truth within them; how to find happiness; rebuking evil spirits; REASON TOGETHER; Lord says we are little children & can’t bear all things now – none that the Father gave Christ will be lost; The Father & Christ are one; our temporal inheritances; Law of Consecration; Parable of the Talents. Give thanks unto God for whatever blessing ye are blessed with.

Lsn 18   Section 51  

Law of Consecration in action; apostles & great leaders can fall. Many are called but few are chosen; blessed are those who keep the covenants. Phelps called to run newspaper; God does not have malice; story of Ananias & Sapphira in NT; The Lord Commands & Revokes; the pure in heart; Saints highly cultured – brought jealousy among non-members; Missouri consecrated; glory after much tribulation; drawbacks & difficulties; man does not see as God sees; reasons Saints in Zion; Be not slothful.

Lsn 19   Sections

Church membership skyrocketing – over 2;000; if faithful in life or death - receive a great reward; trials; royal wedding feast; no man law unto self; be engaged in good Cause – do many things of free will; “It is not meet that I command in all things; men should be anxiously engaged in good cause; soft-pedaling repentance; agent appointed to purchase land; do missionary work when traveling; don’t violate Sabbath; devote Sunday to spiritual things; story of Mary & Martha; promise of blessing – the fullness of the earth is yours. Wo to the rich... wo to poor.

Lsn 20   Sections

Lord not pleased when we don’t open our mouths; My sheep know my voice – memories from pre-existence; definition of “wicked;” Don’t idle time away or bury talents; bless & curse the waters; last days waters dangerous; God can cast men to hell; He doesn’t like sign seekers; list of those who inherit hell; another promise for keeping commandments – a gift of the mysteries of His kingdom; saints scourged from city to city but not forbidden to defend their families; reference to foolish & wise virgins; don’t exalt self in your heart. In nothing doth man offend God except those who confess not his hand in all things; Lord declared destruction on the waters. Our testimonies recorded in heaven for angels to look upon and rejoice.

Lsn 21   Sections
  Lord said elders forgiven of sins; false charges made against Joseph; must forgive one another in our hearts or be afflicted & chastened; ‘I, the Lord forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men.’ Parable of the Unmerciful Servant; five steps to repentance; bishop compromised & didn’t uphold law of consecration; forbidden to get in debt to enemies; pray often & call upon Lord; Kingdom of Heaven not same as Kingdom of God; instructions to missionaries; McLellin tries to imitate Joseph’s revelations; man must be quickened by spirit to endure presence of God; faith cometh not by signs but signs follow believers. Veil rent & ye shall see God.
Lsn 22   Sections

Elders lacking in faith; can see spiritual world with spiritual not temporal eyes; Bible will be scorned; Moses saw Satan had no glory; to declare gospel without fear is a special blessing; speak when moved on by Spirit; faithful elders receive another blessing to be able to see signs of the times & have authority to seal up people to eternal life; callings & elections made sure; Phinehas in the OT slew a couple flaunting God’s laws. Bishops must hold office of high priest; duty of parents to children; Five things parents must do; children have free agency but we must train them. Seven doctrines concerning children; correcting children; don’t be lackadaisical in prayer; Ether 2:16 Bro. of Jared chastened for 3 hours by the Lord for not praying; idlers & those full of greed must be done away with.

Lsn 23   Sections 72-

Duties of Bishops; Law of Consecration; mobs; gird up your loins; circumcision; School of the Prophets; Joseph & Sidney had 5 visions of eternity; Sons of Perdition; Satan fell. Unbelieving spouse sanctified by believing spouse.

Lsn 24   Section
  True nature of God; continuation of 5 visions given Joseph & Sidney; Plan of Salvation; war in Heaven; Celestial, Terrestrial, Telestial Glories; First Resurrection.
Lsn 25   Sections
  Telestial world; Earth - sea of glass; 24 thrones; four beasts; book John saw; angels - seven seals; Apocalypse; two witnesses; bishop’s storehouse; buffetings of Satan; 4 principles of United Order.
Lsn 26   Sections
  Missionaries sent out – have success, bear trials; First Presidency; missionary work most important thing we can do; Emma’s character; Bishop Whitney broke foot; Lord forgives as you forgive; Lord warns “Be watchful – evil spreads;” repent - return to sin & former sins return – Matt. 12:34-43; ‘I; the Lord am bound…;’ Law of Enoch – partial Law of Consecration; greater stewardship, greater potential; make friends of mammon; Judgment lies with God alone; widows & orphans - temporal affairs; overcome economic adversity; Faust gives 7 points; instant gratification.
Lsn 27   Section
  Gathering place – New Jerusalem; refuge from storms; two priesthoods; Moses & Aaron; life eternal unavailable without ordinances; keys of authority brought from heaven; Priesthood, not secular learning reveals truths; unlocks door to heaven & mysteries; preparatory gospel; book – record of dead; new breed of men; Oath & Covenant with the Lord; angels appointed to guard them; My sheep know My voice; Book of Mormon treated lightly.
Lsn 28   Sections
  Missionaries will do many wonderful works, cast out devils, overcome poison, speak not of sacred things to world; “In My name” do these things; disbelievers damned; consider the lilies of the field; no purse or scrip; search diligently, don’t be slothful; plagues continue until 2nd Coming; send money to families – help the poor. Strong help the weak; the body has need of each member; last days peace only found in Zion; letters become scripture; keep Law of Tithing; still small voice; many try to steady the arc (like Uzzah); names must be written in Book of Life; do geneology; every elder should become profound theologian.
Lsn 29   Sections 86-

Ye are chosen out of the world. Prayer; known as OLIVE LEAF; Parable of the Good Seed; members weak and inexperienced; Priesthood blesses world; only they are protected from darkness of latter days; Civil War prophesied; Earth’s organization; Church of the Firstborn; explanation of light of Christ; resurrection of dead; Earth abides Celestial Law; laws of Celestial, Terrestrial, and Telestial kingdoms must be obeyed; Second Death; Lord’s visitation to Earth near; learn doctrine; Theology most important of all sciences.

Lsn 30   Section
  The Lord speaks on 7 points; go to Temple to be purified & instructed; Lord speaksof future & judgments to come; Earth fly as a “chased roe” through space; fighting as people turn on one another; silence for l/2 hour; righteous caught up and quickened; trumps sound; 7th angel brings restored gospel to earth; angels reveal secret acts of men; time no longer; Satan bound; Millennium 1,000 years; men again tried; Satan released, War again, Gog and Magog; Get organized, prepare. School of The Prophets; Word of Wisdom; wine & tobacco; hot drinks; meat & grains; six rewards for keeping Word of Wisdom; personal testimony on Word of Wisdom.
Lsn 31   Sections
  Terrible mobbings & outrages in Jackson County; be patient in afflictions; Joseph Smith – an oracle; counselors appointed to Joseph; hear gospel in own tongue – learn languages; Lord commands education in all things; beware of freeloaders; cease wearying the Lord; angels rejoice over those who repent; chastening tries faith and patience; THIS is the LAST GENERATION; Apocrypha; unite temporal interests under Order of Enoch; Glory of God is intelligence; obedience is road to truth & glory; light of Christ illuminates mind; Holy Spirit makes us one with Christ; The Word is both Christ & gospel; God gives weaknesses to make us humble; Lord wants intelligent worship; pre-existence; creation & traduction theories.
Lsn 32   Sections
  Lord defines truth; agency gives us opposites; Earth complaining; hatred of Adam by Satan; Spirit must master body; we all have light of truth within us but we must act on it; body conforms to preexistent spirit; man is eternal in nature because of uncreatable nature; gradation of intelligences; more on the Plan of Salvation; ETERNAL TRUTHS exist; men have great self image – pride; Prophets warn us to suppress self congratulation; Lord says His glory is intelligence; Lord commanded we bring up children in light & truth; we must constantly remind them; we must be enlightened parents; saints build house of prayer & printing office; a solemn assembly; Lord says men walk in darkness at noon day.
Lsn 33   Sections
  Saints in Kirtland – teaching and miracles converted many, but Missouri saints being driven by mobs; miracle – Philo Dibble; Kirtland temple to be built. 500 men with guns came against Saints vowing to kill men, whip children, and ravish the women; Lord says “REJOICE” afflictions for your good; We cannot hope to escape; Lord called the Brethren His friends; many need chastening; Zion visited according to her works; prayers heard by God; observe laws of land; wisdom of the Father that they be established in this land; if the wicked rule the people mourn; faithful receive line upon line….; We will be tried even unto death; RENOUNCE WAR, PROCLAIM PEACE; do geneology – turn hearts of children to their fathers; Forgive 70 times 70 – Law of Forgiveness – enemy in your hands; patience under persecution; extend olive branch of peace.
Lsn 34   Sections
  Retaliation wrong; negative emotions cause illness; proclaim gospel in midst of persecution; responsibility to accept gospel when offered; missionaries an effectual door; preach with solemnity of heart & spirit of meekness; Parley P. Pratt wrote of Joseph; saints again beaten by mobs – hundreds of exiles camped on Missouri River, petition taken to state protesting treatment; after MUCH tribulation come blessings; saints had jarrings, contentions, envyings, strife, lustful & coveteous desires among them; esteemed lightly the counsel of the Lord; Israel now to be gathered; Zion will not be moved; three signs accompany Second Coming; list of changes during Millennium; Lord will open treasures of knowledge; Lord speaks on persecution; saints can become salt of the earth; Parable of the Nobleman – similar Matt. 21:33-36.
Lsn 35   Sections
  Lord told saints to importune government for crimes against them as provided by the Constitution which through inspiration was given by God; “your cause is just but I can do nothing!” (Pres. Van Buren); first high counsel of Church - only worthy men should sit in judgment on this high counsel for acts are recorded; reasons for exile of saints (that the cup of iniquity of Lord’s enemies be full & Saints chastened for disobedience); saints begin to prevail; Earth an everlasting inheritance; the return to Jackson County; Lord will use drastic measures to cleanse the Church; Lord will fight our battles, but we must do all we can.
Lsn 36   Sections

Saints driven to Clay County, Missouri – conference held; 190 women & children driven 30 miles across prairie in Nov.- leaving trail of blood; signs & displays in the heavens; saints moved West by the Lord to avoid civil war which would come; now comes a call to arms “avenge Me of Mine enemies;” ask & they will receive; Zion’s Camp; bones of Lamanites found – Zelph; message to Gov. Dunklin to reinstate Mormon property; mobs gather again – some are drowned - 200 stopped by storms sent by the Lord; rebellion against Joseph & God by brethren & cholera struck; five points on why this happened; Lord promises endowments to be received in Kirtland Temple.

Lsn 37   Sections
  United Order an everlasting order; world is sick – Lord must at times wipe out nations; word of prophets on this; the earth is full there is enough to spare; properties divided; dissolve partnership with United Order in Zion for salvation of both groups; common treasuries; Lord’s formula & Richard’s 5 point formula for getting out of Debt; Lord comes as a thief in the night – unexpected; Joseph commanded to call 12 apostles & a quorum of seventies; priesthoods.
Lsn 38   Sections
107, 108,
Intro to l09
  More explanation of Melchizedek & Intro to Aaronic Priesthoods; Lord is LAWGIVER; personal testimony of apostles; mother’s callings; more on seventies and patriarchs; archangels; priesthood held by Adam, Seth, Enoch, Methuselah, Moses; meeting at Adam-ondi-Ahman; the priesthood of the gods; LAWSUITS; bishops our judge in Israel; Lord’s words of forgiveness to his missionaries; Visions in Kirtland Temple; endowment – solemn assembly - dedication of temple. more MIRACLES; BELOVED DECIPLE JOHN APPEARED.
Lsn 39   Sections

More on dedication of Kirtland Temple – April 3, 1836; dedicatory prayer given – Joseph asked for 13 blessings be given to the saints; four visions were given to the brethren; ONE OF GOD HIMSELF; description given of the God of Israel; Lord’s acceptance of temple; promised to appear to the saints IF THEY KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS; Gospel of Abraham; vision of Elias, and ELIJAH appeared; baptismal work – geneology - SEALING POWERS for living and the dead; wild speculation – financial bondage – many turned on Joseph; new converts needed; missionaries sent to England; service.

Lsn 40   Sections
  Kirtland Safety Society – financial institution of the Church; admonish elders sharply; Lord expects men with great spiritual knowledge to be faithful; parable of the sower – Matt 13:19; pride – exalting self because of high calling forbidden; Lord doesn’t come in person, He sends servants; upon My house shall it begin; parents rob children of a righteous birth; men must qualify for Lord’s protection; Joseph fled to Far West, Missouri; THE STEM OF JESSE; THE ROOT OF JESSE a man; rod is Joseph Smith; “loose the bands from thy neck;” those who apostatize replaced by others; NAME OF THE LORD’S CHURCH; world clamor for truth but it will be hard to find; PERSECUTION BREAKS OUT AGAIN; Adam will visit the earth to transfer authority (keys) to Christ; AWAKE, ARISE, COME FORTH, DON’T TARRY.
Lsn 41   Sections
  July 8, 1838 – Law of Tithing given – 1/10 of all the Lord should give them; – people give excuses & false interpretations of this law; consequences follow; (story of pioneer trek); benefits to adversity; Governor Boggs issued infamous extermination order against the Mormons; now Joseph & others abused, insulted & thrown into Liberty Jail; not convicted of any crime; man may ask God to execute judgment but he can’t take it into his own hands; sins of the fathers can be passed to their children; those who falsely oppress saints will spend time in hell; one God or many Gods? Man’s puny arm; many called, few chosen; authority and power – misused by man; The Lord speaks to Joseph in Liberty Jail; we progress faster with persecution than without it; Lord commands a collection of abuses be drawn up & given to leaders of U.S.
Lsn 42   Sections

Division in ranks of the Saints – mobs now encouraged; Egyptian mummies; inspirational stories by Luck Mack Smith; great speculation; spirit of charity lacking; commandment to build Nauvoo House & the Nauvoo Temple; Joseph commanded to write proclamation to kings, presidents, those in high offices; Joseph addresses founding fathers to look upon this nation; Mormons’ case taken before Congress who did nothing; one man without guile; baptism for the dead; Lord accepts the will for the deed; circumventing authority; truth can be gained through prayer; sour disposition brings on bad health; dead person came back to life to deliver a message from the Lord; Lord counsels & chastises brethren.

Lsn 43   Sections

Lord gathereth as a hen gathereth; about Brigham Young; enemies on the move again; attempt made on Gov. Boggs life – Orrin Porter Rockwell accused; Joseph persecuted – his lamentation to Lord; personal story on baptism for the dead; Bishop Pike; recorder called for baptisms for dead; two records – on earth & one in heaven.

Lsn 44   Sections
  Joseph at height of spiritual power & understanding; John Taylor explains why; spiritualism with all its delusions; fallen angels possess bodies; Joseph exposes them; Satan can perform miracles & inhabit bodies; William Phelps saw Satan ride the waters; power given to missionaries over evil spirits but they were not to boast; only one true church; Moroni appears; Christ went to spirit world; how to discern the spirits – good and evil; translated beings; beasts in Heaven; reckoning of time and space; theory of relativity; definition of an angel; worlds of a higher order; ‘white stone;’ without knowledge we cannot be saved.
Lsn 45   Sections

Listen to Him who is the advocate with the Father; blessings bestowed according to fundamental laws; times of gentiles’ light break forth; Father has a body; be not troubled; blasphemy against Holy Spirit not forgivable; we are gods in embryo; children of a Heavenly Father; Stephen saw the Father and the Son; large stick figure of a man in the stars; 4 reasons why we need correct understanding of God; spirit of man not created – it’s eternal; intelligence is really an inner light or spiritual wisdom & understanding; three degrees of glory within Celestial Kingdom; marriage necessary for highest; More sure Word of Prophecy; three grand secrets to attain Celestial kingdom; calling and election made sure; no such thing as immaterial matter; plurality of wives; Emma disinherited; Hyrum took revelation of plural marriage to Emma; it shall be called the New Jerusalem.

Lsn 46   Section 132   Joseph so progressed he didn’t need Urim and Thummin to help him; Emma un- willing to accept polygamy; men must obey ALL the law to gain Celestial kingdom; Lord must ratify certain matters; those who died without knowledge of the Gospel receive it in spirit world; gods have an ascendance over the angels; those who refuse an eternal marriage live separately and singly without exaltation; broad is the gate & wide the way that leadeth to the “deaths;” two paths – one broad one narrow; understanding eternal marriage; Code of Mammurabi (sterile woman shares husband); King David; Emma’s denial that it started with Brigham.
Lsn 47   Section 133  

Known as Appendix; Lord coming to His temple; Babylon; Parable of l0 Virgins; story of Lot’s wife; The Lamb standing on Mt. Zion; Jesus will stand on Mt. of Olives; Priesthood strengthen one another; three points to ready ourselves for Second Coming; The Lord’s two capitals during Millennium; the flight to gather should not be in haste; angel sent forth; 144,000 high priests called as missionaries; Lost 10 Tribes led away by the Lord - location (differing views), brought back supernaturally to their lands of their inheritance; Lord will come in RED APPAREL; “When I called there were none to answer;” talk - ‘THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW PATH.’

Lsn 48   Sections

Without government there is anarchy; obey the laws of the land; four guidelines by which Saints can measure the worthiness of an issue or political leader; justice elusive to Joseph and the saints – stories given; Twelfth Article of Faith; unjust laws; political leaders have obligation to all men to exercise freedoms; separation of church & State; Lucy Mack Smith’s stories; saints murmur against Joseph & he goes to jail & court; violence of mobs increases.

Lsn 49   Section 135  

Circumstances surrounding persecution of the Mormons; Emma wrote blessing and Joseph ratified it; Joseph & three others In Carthage Jail – mobs came and killed Joseph & Hyrum; temporal world rejoiced, spiritual world wept; a review of the Prophet’s deeds.

Lsn 50   Sections
  Brigham Young and Orson Pratt on steamer when they heard of Joseph’s death; premonitions of disaster given; Church in gloomy suspense; Emma & Brigham clash and Emma stays behind; Sydney Rigdon wanted to lead the Church; trying to understand Emma; saints will gather in the Rocky Mountains; a council determined the route West; many hardships; “my people must be tried in all things;” the fate of a nation who rejects their prophet.
Lsn 51   Sections
  These revelations given while Joseph was alive. Joseph given vision of the three Degrees of Glory in sec. 76 & he spoke with many of the ancients – also saw the gate where exalted enter; President Joseph F. Smith had a similar vision; the flood was the baptism of the earth; why some children live & some die; personal story – death of a child; saw missionaries preaching to the dead.
Lsn 52       "The Accident" – Donna personal experience.