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Lsn 1      Introduction &
Brief History
     Testimonials on LDS Church & Joseph Smith: Orson F. Whitney, Leo Tolstoi, Latius Gratus - Catholic Priest; Josiah Quincy - Former Mayor of Boston; Dr. Harry Emerson Fodick - Baptist Clergyman; Other witnesses; Christ - central figure; What God looks like; Great apostasy occurred; Physical proofs; Ideas of Origin - first Christian philosopher; Importance of Book of Mormon; History of Jews leading up to BM and Lehi; Six purposes for studying BM; Special blessing if we study BM; Five blessings denied if we don’t.
Lsn 2   I Nephi 1-7   BM came forth by the power of God; Joseph’s story - he saw the Father and the Son; Saw & describes the Angel Moroni; Other sheep are visited; Scribes falsified holy scriptures; Add or take away from particular books in Bible condemned; Testimony of two witnesses; Oliver & Joseph saw additional plates in cave; What is the Book of Mormon?; More history of the Jews - King Zedekiah; Lehi flees Jerusalem; Info on Lehi and his journey; Begin the BM with I Ne. Chpt 1; Nephi writes in reformed Egyptian; Lehi had a vision of the Father & Son & 12 Apostles; Stick of Joseph & Judah; Lehi has second dream to depart into wilderness; Nephi prays & receives vision - commanded to get sacred records from Laban; info on Laban; Sariah’s testimony.
Lsn 3   I Nephi 8-14   Lehi’s group in wilderness; Allegory of the Tree of Life; Saw four groups of people; Don’t be slothful because of the easiness of the way; Nephi prophesies about Jerusalem, John the Baptist; Jews to be scattered; Nephi caught up in the Holy Spirit and saw what Lehi had seen in his vision, plus more; Shown Mary & the Savior and his life & the future of America; Vision explained; Saw Columbus; Ezra brought forth Bible; Eusebius the Great Christian Historian says Christianity oldest religion in the world; Material was removed from Bible & men stumbled; Angel says other books would come forth in latter-days; one would be the BM & men judged by it; Hell is explained; Angel says only two churches on earth - God’s and Satan’s.
Lsn 4   I Nephi 15-19   Nephi’s response to his vision; Grieved by brother’s lack of faith; Review of vision of the Tree of Life; Son of God would rule all nations with Word of God; Nephi and brothers marry daughters of Ishmael; Info on Liahona - 7 purposes for it; Nephi lost bow; Brothers hardened hearts against Lord; Nephi found food; Lehi murmured against the Lord; Not all who call on Lord’s name alone enter heaven, but he who doeth the will of the Father; Feed my sheep; True conversion; Natural affection in families break down; Laman & Lemuel deny seeing angel; The brothers falsely accused Nephi; The family became physically strong; Disobedience & lack of faith prolonged journey; Learn of mortal trials - we will be tried and proven. Eight years of hardship; Arrive in Bountiful, Found ore to make ship; Lord favors righteous; Older brothers rebel, attack Nephi - Spirit shocked them; Law of Primogeniture (firstborn rights); Two new sons born; Liahona failed to work.
Lsn 5   I Nephi 19-22    In vision Nephi sees future; gets ore & writes history; Not all things of equal worth; Writings of the Prophet Zenos; Persecution of the Jews; Men judged by deeds on earth; Dead Sea Scrolls; Holy Spirit can be more a feeling than a sound; Key to good teaching: About Isaiah in the Old Testament & his words; Lord reveals future to prove He is God; Jewish baptisms; God knew His children would deal treacherously with Him; Savior is the Messiah; All are part of God’s plan & are important; The Savior is the “Word”; Lord issues call to arms; Isaiah speaks to the House of Israel - us; Some judged by efforts rather than achievements; Isaiah treated scornfully; Lord says Isaiah’s words for children of latter-days; Prisoners will go forth both temporally and spiritually; Info on Lost Tribes coming to Zion in America; Referral to the USA; Lord’s people gathered in last days.
Lsn 6   2 Nephi 1-2   Ye are free to choose liberty or death; Satan & his church will be destroyed; Explanation of his power in latter-days; The enemies of the Saints exposed; Wicked of the earth burned; Christ & resurrected saints will reign on earth; Nephi named animals on new continent of America; Nephi wrote on plates of gold; Different parts of the earth given as an everlasting inheritance; Six nations of people fulfilled covenants to warrant this blessing; The more light & knowledge the greater the condemnation - judgements will come to America; Hernando Cortez & Francisco Pizarro’s experiences with Astecs & Incas; Awake! Shake off chains by which you are bound; Satan will rage in hearts of men in latter days; Wild bee story; God says My thoughts not your thoughts; Salvation is free; Salvation by grace; Only Christ saves; Punishment & happiness is affixed; Six reasons why man must have opposites to learn; Story of Adam and Eve; This life critical to our placement in the eternities; Spiritual & physical death explained; Men must endure to the end; Plan of God that each man act for himself.
Lsn 7   2 Nephi 2-6   Here we learn about The Creation; Satan’s role; The Fall; Man’s agency; The purpose of life; The necessity of opposition; The Plan of Salvation; A final judgment; Story of prisoner and chaplain on freedom; False teachers in latter days teaching abominable things; Joseph Smith chosen in Council of Heaven; Lehi speaks of his time & the latter days; Weak made strong; Bible & BoM important to the Lord as they are two witnesses He is God; Joseph will be esteemed by true children of Israel; Men of scholarship & education not always chosen by the Lord to do His work; The enemies of God have their bounds set; Sidney Rigdon will be spokesman for Joseph; Lehi ready to die blesses his children; Many sacred truths not written as men unworthy; Draw near unto Me & I will draw near unto you; Nephi’s sisters; 12 points describing Nephi’s group and 5 describing Lamanites; Man is NOT to kill animals for sport; animals will speak; Jacob teaches scriptures; Gathering has begun.
Lsn 8   2 Nephi 7-9    Isaiah 50; Joseph teaching; What the gathering means; Lord says He did not divorce Israel; Israel didn’t answer when He called; Lord explains His power; Men decry the scriptures; Christians need The Book of Mormon to support the Bible; Isaiah given tongue of the learned; Isaiah bears testimony of bearing all things for Christ; Isaiah describes latter days when Gospel restored & Lord’s blessings made manifest and he explains their origins; The restoration of the gospel in latter days received by Saints with gladness & joy; Lord pleads with saints not to be discouraged or intimidated; Men must seal their own fates & Christ withholds help until then; Put trust in God & have faith; Many ashamed - no courage or faith; A cleansing is required; People will be destitute of leadership; Two sons raised up in Jerusalem, slain & rose from dead; Cup of Trembling taken from Jews & given to Gentiles; Prophecy of war to come; Christ appears & shows pierced hands & feet; Death as important as life; Christ delivers all the dead; Not know all things at resurrection but in due time; Physical & spiritual death; God’s goodness & greatness; Various resurrections; Men of infinite value to God.
Lsn 9   2 Nephi 10-16    Jacob speaks of latter-day descendants - powerful Israelites; Calls the Messiah Christ; Angel visited Jacob; Judah only nation to crucify their God; Our generation is as corrupt as were they; Priestcraft & iniquities lead to crucifixion; Speaks of gathering for believers; Lord’s will that no king rule the promised land; America in last days infested with secret combinations; He that is not with Me is against Me; Fight against Zion (in spite of royal lineage, Satan will claim you); Cheer up - free to act for yourselves; Speaks of raising up Gentiles in latter days & the great conflict which will come between freedom & righteousness & Satan and evil; Zion will not be conquered; Gathering in both Zion in America and in the Old Jerusalem in Israel; Many witnesses to Christ; All things typify Christ; Burden of proof lies with unbelievers; Lord’s house established in top of mountains in latter-days; LAW to go out from Zion (New Jerusalem) & WORD from Old Jerusalem; 144,000 missionaries to go forth; Wag the Dog movie; loftiness of men brought down - great cities fall - great earthquake fulfills justice of God; Jerusalem to pass through terrible travail; Famine - men lost in war - no leaders - children & babes & women rule over them; Wickedness (marks) show in their faces; Daughters of Zion wicked; Jews recognize Christ as Messiah; Lord to clean out His own House first; In place of truth TOLERANCE: Christians labeled anti-tolerant - Hell enlarges herself; Moral values ridiculed; Corrupted by liquor & bribes; Saints to be gathered with speed swiftly; Many chosen in pre- existence fail & become bitter fruit.
Lsn 10   2 Nephi l7-21   Isaiah announces virgin birth of the Savior; Ahaz warned to sit tight & trust in God; Foreign alliances do not replace trust in the Lord; Light of Christ burst forth on Capernaum; This is a gospel of becoming; Principle sin of Ten Tribes was pride; All corrupted in latter-days; Family members at odds; Great commotion; Lord warned Ten Tribes, Jews and us for there is nowhere to flee; Lord has outstretched hand - listen, obey, this doesn’t have to happen; Sennacherib boasts of strength; Power comes from God & when nation unrighteous punishment comes; The rod used by Moses to divide Red Sea to be used in latter days on behalf of returning Ten Tribes; Predestination; The Rod - The Branch - latter great leader in latter-days; Lineage of Joseph & Judah must be prepared for tremendous responsibility during Millennium and the conditions at that time.
Lsn 11   2 Nephi 22-25   Israel’s song of joy in her redemption; Orson Hyde’s trek & prayer for Israel; Jehovah is Father & Son but two personages; Isaiah gives multiple fulfillment prophecies - past history & things to come; History of Cyrus & latter days - both experience trauma, pangs & sorrows - faces as flames; Massive destruction; Protection offered to righteous not wicked; Earth removed from her orbit; A change in government in latter days; Isaiah saw the fall of Satan from Heaven & his scheme against the Father; Plan of Salvation discussed.; Judgments of God come upon each nation in its turn; Zion definition; Jewish history long epic of wars & rumors of war; Nephi saw in open vision ministry of Christ & saw latter day Jews accept Him; Discussion of faith vs. works; Proper relationship between Law of Moses & fulness of Gospel.
Lsn 12   2 Nephi 26-30   Nephi says after Christ’s resurrection he will show himself to the Nephites; Five ways wicked destroyed; Peace for four generations; In latter days BM would come out of the dust; Has familiar spirit; Indian nations destroyed; Satan is real; Gospel for everyone; good & bad both stand before God to be judged; Priestcraft - paid ministry; Testimony of nature - thunder, lightning, earthquakes, hailstorms, etc.; Boyd K. Packer - “We live on a kind of spiritual credit..”; Sins read on the housetops; Part of book sealed because of unrighteousness; Martin Harris & Professor Charles Anthon; Eight witnesses; LDS accused of turning things upside down; Deaf will hear & blind shall see; Don’t base belief on isolated verses & obscure passages - rather learn sound doctrine; Contention between churches; Eat, drink and be merry; Oh, commit a little sin.....; Pride, vanity & false teachers lead men to evil; Breakdown of basic morality, integrity & chastity; Kingdom of Devil must shake; Devil cheateth their soul & lead them to hell; There is NO Devil; We fight against powers & principalities we know not of; God gives children as much law as they are able to live; Gentiles to cry:‘A Bible, A Bible we have a Bible we need no more Bible’; BM will teach gospel of Christ also.
Lsn 13   2 Nephi 31 –
Jacob 3
  God speaks to man according to their understanding; Jesus in all points tempted like us; Holy Ghost & gift of Holy Ghost; Baptism a celestial law; Rejecting gospel holds dire consequences; After the 1st Principles of Gospel then what? He who doesn’t read is no better than he who can’t; One of Nephites' faults is not praying; Consecrate your performance to Lord no matter how things turn out; We too casually consider the things of eternity; Angel showed Joseph consequences of bad actions; Both teacher & student must have Spirit; Jacob gives running summary of sacred information - believe in Christ - bear burdens of Christian discipleship; Endure humiliation and scorn; God does not condemn wealthy for being rich - but for taking pride in riches; Seek ye first the Kingdom of God; Share prudently, not unwisely; Magnify your callings; Jacob warns if our thoughts not good, bad actions will follow; Unrighteous pride the sin of Lucifer and Cain; Praise of the world can be a stumbling block; Plural marriage - David, Solomon, Abraham and Jacob; God delights in chastity; How to foster virtuous thoughts; Pure in Heart; Don’t repent then land cursed; Nephites told Lamanites more righteous than they; Fate of the Sons of Perdition; To the world God is a mystery; The elements obey Him.
Lsn 14   Jacob 4-6   Jacob entertained angels, saw Jesus Christ; Teachers don’t provoke God; Repent & remain pure in heart; God will send justice down on our enemies; Revile not against Lamanities because of the color of their skin; Fathers be good examples; Would to God all His people were prophets; God gives us weaknesses; Don’t be impatient with the Lord’s timetable; Jews looked beyond the mark; ALLEGORY OF THE OLIVE TREE; Prophets (Zenos, Zenock, Ezias, Isaiah, & Jeremiah) slain for testifying to the people; Jewish scholars emasculated many references to Christ from scriptures; What is a PARABLE, a SIMILE, an ALLEGORY or METAPHOR; The wine press; Israel compared to a tame olive tree; The Master of the vineyard views the vineyard for the final preparations and found that the fruit was not good but the roots were still good; Gentile influence drove Church of God into the wilderness; The Lord wept - “What more could I have done?” - Then the Lord speaks of America, a land choice above all others; Explanation on how roots or branches overrun the tree; Lord is very selective in grafting & removing branches; Pre- existent calling; Definition of anti-Christ.
Lsn 15   Jacob 7 – Enos,
Words of
  Sherem an anti-Christ; Sherem polished in rhetoric, well-spoken, used much flattery; What he has not experienced - no one else can; Sherem a humanist (man is center of universe); Two ways to comprehend the message of the scriptures; Show me a sign; God will not be mocked; Time passed away like a dream; Fleeting moments of our mortal probation; Voice of the Lord came into my mind; Enos says his soul hungered; Blessings obtained by obedience to the law upon which it is predicated; Proper price affixed to heaven’s treasures; Pray without ceasing with prayer in our hearts; Prayer sustained by diligent labors; The struggle to find one’s self; Three blessings come through prayers; Choosing to believe a lie is damning; Desire to worship is innate to the soul; Revelation is the providence of the faithful; Nephites led by righteous men and prevailed in battle; Message often pricks heart before it can touch them; Righteous are now to flee; Mulekites brings stone to Mosiah for translation; Offer whole souls to God; Expedition went to Zarahemla; Mormon given two assignments; Men judged according to light & knowledge they have; Christ takes the slums out of people.
Lsn 16   Mormon &
Mosiah 1-3
  Mormon connects two major records; People punished for contention & dissensions. Mormon desired we recognize & expose persons & philosophies standing in opposition to Christ; Bear strong testimonies to wicked; We are not to be sleepy sheep; King Benjamin instructed by an angel of God; Put off natural man; Abinadi raises his voice to the disobedient; King Benjamin taught his sons, Mosiah, Helorum & Helaman Egyptian so they could keep sacred records; He admonished them to keep the Commandments. King Benjamin sent out proclamation to people; Gave sermon; Governments can become open to graft & corruption; We are unprofitable servants (God immediately pays us); Our duty to render thanks & praise to God; Principles of salvation always the same; A man who is warned must warn neighbor; Woe to a person who spreads a quarrelsome & contentious spirit; A Saint who opens self to evil spirit is no longer neutral; Hell is the consequence; Messianic chapter - Benjamin speaks of Christ; The Plan of Salvation given; Those who die without the law; Original sin; Law of Moses explained; Jesus determines who is worthy to receive the benefits of his atonement; Discussion on law and mercy; Explanation of atonement - conditional and unconditional; The natural man is an enemy to God.
Lsn 17   Mosiah 4-6  

Blame game ends at bar of God - men & women responsible for their own sins; The father cannot bear the iniquity of the son or vice-versa; God will beat us with a few stripes; Those who repented were filled with joy, peace & favors & blessings of the Holy Spirit; Salvation journey of a lifetime rather than ecstasy of a given moment; Numerous false Christs & prophets; Believe in God - He exists; What is intelligent design?; Abraham saw matchless power of God; Continue effort needed to keep gospel alive; Pray always & Benjamin gave 5 promises if they did; Repentance is to abandon sin, not sin less frequently; Man not suffer children to go hungry or naked...; Look beyond our wants & succor others; Don’t say man brought on his own misery; All are beggars; Use love as an example; Impart of your substance; Judge righteous judgment; The poor also have a responsibility; Generosity without wisdom not good; Don’t run faster than you have strength; Stories of mother & addict & son throwing away letter; Self help welfare; Don’t be a borrower; Baptism - an analogy; Being born again; Glory & wonders in the heavens; Ye are a chosen generation; We are commanded to work.

Lsn 18   Mosiah 7-11  

The story of the Mulekites; Sixteen Nephites formed expedition to scout land of Lehi-Nephi; Ammon was leader & they were lost & taken prisoner by King Limhi and released; King Zeniff charged King Limhi’s people huge taxes; Satan has at least 3 kinds of secret combinations - economic, political & religious who all work together to destroy us; NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY; World dangerous place - not because of those who do evil but because of those who look on and do nothing; German pastor on neutrality; Abinadi burned to death - he taught that Christ was God of Old Testament; Many patriots will yet suffer; “If we should waste & wear out our lives....” ; Large ship benefitted by small helm; Our progress halted if we deliberately transgress; Limhi sent out expedition for help; Limhi asks for some records to be translated; Urim & Thummin explained; Zeniff’s story; False traditions - an iron yoke; Go to battle in the strength of the Lord; Zeniff conferred kingdom on son Noah; Taxed people 1/5 of all they possessed; Earmark of false religion is its trappings of grandeur & elegance; Nephites boasted in own strength; God’s jealousy means watchful, careful or solicitous in guarding something of great worth; Once under bondage only the Lord can free them.

Lsn 19   Mosiah 12-15  

Cities fortified against Lamanites; Lord slow to answer the cries of the wicked among His people when crisis comes; Abinadi preaches of the calamities to come upon them; Obedience to voice of heaven brings freedom - disobedience brings bondage & terrible Calamities; Wicked bound with chains of their own forging; Abinadi captured; The testimony of history leaves record; How beautiful upon the mountains; What teach ye these people?; Perversion of truth to know it & not live it; Evil does not destroy itself; Touch me not!; Their bounds are set, they cannot pass; Abinadi reiterates Ten Commandments; Purpose of the Law; Mission, persecution & death of Christ; Jesus referred to as Father - divine investiture of authority discussed.

Lsn 20   Mosiah 15-24  

Wanderings in the wilderness; God finally separates or quarantines the righteous from the wicked; Abinadi reads the Law to the wicked King Noah & priests; Standing betwixt them & justice; Named Christ as Savior; Little children saved; Fate of those that die without the Law; Carnal & devilish; Abinadi sentenced to death; Alma believed Abinadi and fled to teach others; Four points why Covenant of Baptism important; Having authority from God; Six instructions given to new converts; King Noah sent spies but contention arose & Gideon & Noah fought; Lamanites attacked & King Noah killed; Wicked priests fled to wilderness; Daughters of Lamanites abducted by priests; King Limhi’s people suffered persecution & fought back 3 times & were defeated; Prospered by degrees - Lord did not deliver them until humble; Ammon came into the land; Gideon presents plan to free the people from bondage.

Lsn 21   Mosiah 23-26   Put your trials in perspective; After conversion Alma did 5 things; Alma’s 450 converts now fled to wilderness; The Lord did strengthen them; Why not have a king?; Trust no man to be your teacher nor minister, except he be a man of God; No more contentions - love your neighbors; Positive thinking & righteousness; Satan should not get equal time in schools; Lord chastens at times to test patience & faith; God’s love for us is not always measured in our successes; Alma & his people found by Lamanites and ruled over them; Wicked High Priest Amulon appointed king; God eases the burdens that you cannot feel them; Lord tells Alma He will go before this people & lead out of bondage; Arrived in Zarahemla & joined with King Mosiah II & his people; Great value in learning from History; The study of doctrine changes behavior faster than a study of behavior; Sins cannot go unchecked by the Church; Why should the Lord’s hands be tied - Satan’s aren’t; Lord’s people have weighty burden to admonish others to walk in paths of righteousness; Punished according to the nature of the offense; Sinner to pay whatever price is necessary; Lord says "As often as my people repent will I forgive them”; My elect hear my voice & harden not their hearts; Not our right to withhold forgiveness. We are saved as we help each other.
Lsn 22   Mosiah 27-29
& Alma 1-3

Rising generation of Nephites refuse to follow parents' example; Lord says if they reject Christ they are cast out; Great persecutions inflicted on Church; A righteous government can intervene to protect its people; The Lord visited His people; When two or more are gathered in His name; Story of the sons of Mosiah and Alma The Younger; Seven points as to why the angel appeared to Alma; “I will forgive you of your sins with this commandment....”; They were the very vilest of sinners; Alma & sons of Mosiah leave for mission to Lamanites; Lord speaks of unjust Judges in the land; With free agency comes responsibility; the REIGN OF THE JUDGES BEGINS; Nehor, another antichrist, practices priestcraft; People of God bore persecution with patience; Amlici taught the teachings of Nehor through flattery & rhetoric; Nephites armed themselves & Alma slew Amlici & Lamanites retreated but marked themselves.

Lsn 23   Alma 4-7  

Alma and companions convinced many of their sins & traditions of their fathers incorrect; Lamoni’s father converted; BELIEVEST THERE IS A GOD?; Three Pillars of Eternity are The Creation, The Fall, The Atonement; JESUS CENTER TO SALVATION; Works vs. grace; No one saved by mere expression of belief; King became unconscious - queen also saved; King sent proclamation for people to receive Alma & companions; New name given to converts - Anti-Nephi-Lehies; Curse reversed; Angered by the conversion of their brethren - the wicked turn on them & killed 1,005; Murder - First degree vs. manslaughter; Buried weapons of war; Conscientious objection; Later protected by Nephites & their children; Apostates slew the most people; Joseph Smith’s story of Isaac Behunnin; God keeps His promises.

Lsn 24   Alma 8-12   Alma took on another mission to Melek - great success; moved on to Ammonihah - there disrespected (power of preacher only one factor in conversion of a people); "We don’t believe in your tradition”; Alma sorrowed & strengthened by an Angel & told to return; Evil men plotting to take away freedom; Hitler on freedom; Angel appeared to Amulek & he helped Alma & Alma trained him in doctrine & he became second witness; “More tolerable for them than you....”; More highly favored & Alma lists blessings; All men judged of their works; Amulek joins in preaching - explains his conversion - “I knew, yet I would not know”;The emphasis on technicalities of law are signs of moral decay; If free then we are individually & collectively accountable for how we govern ourselves & nation; Wicked men & women cannot tolerate attack on their kind - they take it personally; Foundation of destruction comes from unrighteousness of lawyers & judges; Explanation of Law of Mosiah; Example of so called modern justice; Judge’s salaries; Zeezrom (another anti-Christ) & popular litigation lawyer asks questions; Son of God does NOT save people IN their sins - McConkie gives explanation on this....; Amulek gives an amazing rebuke to anti-Christs of all ages; Zeezrom has a change of heart; Those who say “Thus far and no further” - will live and die in ignorance.
Lsn 25   Alma 12-13   Review of confrontation with Zeezrom - an anti-Christ; Two men can hear same message & one believes and one denies. Beware of speaking evil - God Almighty can awaken recollection & all is recalled; Three Judgements not one; Paradise & Spirit Prison; secret Acts revealed at the beginning of Millennium; Judgments reward and punish; Second death is a spiritual death - cut off from presence of God; The fate of those not accepting atonement; This life is a space of suspended judgement - we can turn back without punishment; Why man must die; Father promised if we obey we have a claim on the mercy of the Savior; Meaning of “The First Provocation”; Those designated to hold the priesthood; There are Spirits of greater intelligence - some outstripped others; Many chosen in pre-existence; Called by the election of God; Foreordination dos not determine what ye shall do; God explains to Enoch the power of the priesthood; Why do we have the priesthood?; The man Melchizedek; What does "garments washed white" mean? Many in the Celestial Kingdom; Compliment people; Don’t procrastinate day of repentance, watch & pray continually.
Lsn 26   Alma 14-17   Alma & Amulek debated Zeezrom - Now people had to make a choice - most wanted to destroy the prophets - they strike at the root of wickedness; Alma & Amulek were bound & Zeezrom repented and pled for them & he was cast from the city; All who believed the prophets were thrown into a fire - Spirit constrained prophets from saving them - Why? & Why does evil exist?; The high priest smote the prophets three times and stripped them & cast them into prison - no food or water - God responded with earthquake killing judges & lawyers; The prophets fled city, found Zeezrom & healed him of fever; Rejection by family & friends is reality of membership in Christ’s church; False idea that Saints will escape all the judgments; Guilt can do immeasurable damage to soul; Boyd K. Packer’s thoughts on peace of mind & physical well being; People of Ammonihah increased in wickedness & now comes war; Zoram, Lehi & Aha approach Alma for help & he inquired of the Lord; Comparison of their sins verses ours; Alma meets his four best friends - Ammon, Aaron, Omner & Himni - 14 years had passed; Strong in Gospel - “I call upon the weak things of the world”; Be patient in long suffering & afflictions.
Lsn 27   Alma 17-21   Ammon goes into Lamanite territory; Was seized & taken before King Lamoni where he volunteered to be the King’s servant; Fought off marauders - cut off arms as proof; “What is the source of your power?”; “Believest thou there is a God?”; Ammon traced over 500 years of history in America; King & queen & whole court fell to ground as if dead; Abish calls to the people - Many different reactions - one struck dead trying to kill Ammon; The king & queen & court revived and bore witness they had seen and conversed with angels - Church now established - Lamoni’s father - who was the high king, was angry at his conversion and drew sword to kill him but Ammon prevented this; High King listened and gave permission to rescue his brethren.
Lsn 28   Alma 21-25   The story of Aaron & his companions (Muloki, Ammah, Omner & Himni) preaching in Lamanite cities; After being released from prison they taught the High King; “I desire ye tell me...and I will believe”; We cannot be saved in Celestial Kingdom because we earn our way there; Aaron taught in depth and king bowed down; king & household struck so as to appear dead; Aaron took his hand and commanded he stand & bore testimony; He sent a proclamation that Aaron & companions should not be touched and they were to be allowed to teach & preach throughout the land the gospel - creation, fall, atonement, faith, repentance, rebirth and they preached Christ. So powerful were their teachings that they were called Anti-Nephi-Lehies. There was resistance movement among apostates - Amalekites & Amulonites & Lamanites & they rebelled against the King; High King died & apostates planned war - Ammon & King Lamoni to discuss plans for defense; The amazing prayer of these people; Decided to bury weapons & allow themselves to be killed rather than break their covenant with God; 1,005 lay dead - More than a thousand Lamanites repented & joined Church also - those who did not took up weapons to attack Nephites in Amonihah. Lord allowed the wicked to destroy the wicked - these were the Zoramites & Amulonites who wouldn’t repent; God always keeps His promises & Lord told King Mosiah that many would believe & he would deliver his sons out of the hands of the Lamanites.
Lsn 29   Alma 26-28  

Thousands now enjoy gospel blessings; Blessed be the name of God; Joy carries thee away unto boasting - “No, I rejoice in my God I have reason to rejoice!”; Joy is characteristic of the presence of The Holy Ghost from whom it comes - who can glory too much in The Lord?”; What is a mystery?; Only God knows how deep He must go in each of us; Paul’s lamentation on his trials; Patience so very important on our part; Ammon adds God has all wisdom & He comprehendeth all things; Understanding mercy; Three groups of people converted; Amalekites (apostates) biggest threat; Ammon told by the Lord to flee (that’s seven major population centers of the Lamanites); Ammon & Alma meet again; Relocated to the land of Jershon; Protected by Nephites as thousands of Lamanites attacked; Only difference between old and young dying; Those who will not accept & live gospel have reason to fear death; Meaning of endless wo; Ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood; an holy nation, a peculiar (purchased) people.

Lsn 30   Alma 29-31   Stand up for what is right in spite of war; “Oh that I were an angel”; God is just; The desires of our hearts can be determined by God; All nations must prepare themselves for more light & knowledge & are given only what they are equipped & prepared to receive; I will give away all my sins; Recognize our own blessings; Definition of anti-Christ in modern times; No law against a man’s freedom of belief - but never used to excuse illegal acts; Korihor - another anti-Christ says believing is foolish; World says seeing is believing - gospel says believing is seeing; Statements of modern Korihors; Korihor teaches law of the jungle; Modern atheist enveloped by insanity & dies; Counselor advises young man not to listen to the Holy Spirit; Korihor succeeded in making believers embarrassed or self conscious; Definition of humanist; Euthanisms to cover atrocities; Korihor taken prisoner for a lying spirit & asks for a sign; Joseph Smith’s story of minister who wanted proof; Atheists say “I know there is no God “& agnostics say “Maybe, prove it to me”; Korihor is struck dumb & writes “I always knew there was a God “ but Satan appeared to him & deceived him - He said what Satan taught him to say.
Lsn 31   Alma 31-32   The end of Korihor the anti-Christ; Zoramites reject the gospel & begin to worship idols; Apostasy in full bloom sicken our hearts; Alma says war accomplishes nothing - we are to do everything to avoid it; Alma and five companions came to reclaim these people who had had the gospel & Melchizedek Priesthood; They worshipped on a Rameumption or holy stand & believed they were a holy chosen people; They said repetitive prayers & their hearts were set on gold, silver, & fine goods; Converts usually come first from the poor and humble; Alma was teaching the rich on hillside & turned from them to the poor who were more receptive; Our afflictions often become our greatest blessings; Compelled to be humble; faith is not perfect knowledge - gained by obedience; Faith & perfect knowledge not incompatible; Faith is not the power of positive thinking; What is intelligence?; What is element?; Intelligences have compassion; Difference between faith & belief; We must nourish the seed; If we have faith, diligence, patience, & nourish the word the tree of life will take root in us.
Lsn 32   Alma 33-37   Prophet Zenos testifies Lord hears prayers no matter where we are; Intense loneliness, sorrow or failure can bring us to God; Heavenly Father hears our prayers BECAUSE of Jesus Christ - communication is now open - its so simple; Amulek says plant the word; He discusses the importance of the Atonement; Can we enter the Celestial Kingdom by paying for our own sins?; Cry out in prayer continually; Parents & children who pray for each other have their hearts turned more toward home; Let the solemnities of Eternity rest upon your minds; Now is the time and day of your salvation; Ye cannot say I WILL repent - repent now; Procrastination - man can reach point where he loses the will to repent; A person must overcome the flesh...; Is it possible to repent after death?; Those who shun the light often do all they can to destroy believers; Fathers have main responsibility to teach children; Alma tells his conversion story to his sons; When faithfully serving God you will offend Satan and his minions; By small & simple things great things brought to pass; Alma passes plates to Helaman; Info on Urim & Thummin; Communism - The Church remains neutral; We should not be commanded in all things...; We must protect our freedoms and act independently; Alma is counseled to wake up the Saints but not give them the secret oaths & covenants; Cry unto the Lord for thy support - Counsel with Him & He will direct thee for good. ASK WHAT WILT THOU HAVE ME DO?
Lsn 33   Alma 38-40   What does cut off from God’s presence mean? Alma counsels his son Shiblon; Spirits of the just exalted to a greater & more glorious work - they are not far from us and know our thoughts & are pained by them; Qualities missionaries need; Confess God’s hand in all things; As much as ye trust God - even so you will be delivered; Through wisdom we have key of knowledge...; Christ is literally the source of our light; Teach with authorized materials not with sensational stories; Be bold but not overbearing; The snare of idleness; We must learn to be self-sustaining; Alma blesses & lectures 3rd son Corianton for leaving ministry & going after a harlot; There are two influences in world today...; There is a line of demarcation between the Lord and Satan; Satan will make you unable to think or reason properly; Lock yourself in a closet if you need to; Discusses fornication & adultery; Shedding of innocent blood - murder & denying Holy Ghost serious sins; What is the difference between unpardonable and unforgivable sins; Unchastity is most serious sin. Counsel with your elder brothers - mirror their good example; Command children to do good - teach them correct doctrine; Where is the Spirit World?; Will we be happy there? Where do spirits of wicked go?
Lsn 34   Alma 40-42   Alma teaching Corianton about the final great resurrection - mercy and justice; B. Young said the particles comprising Christ’s body would want to remain with him; All things restored to proper order; It is a combination of works and desires which give true weight of our soul; Each kingdom operates on a different law...; Can we ascend from a lower to a higher kingdom?; Nine honors bestowed on those who love God...; Joseph Smith & Sidney Rigdon had visions of the kingdoms of glory - these are presented here....; Heber C. Kimball - story of a lump of clay; Decrees of God unalterable; To obtain blessing obey the Law for it; What does restoration mean? Wickedness never was happiness; last days many visions & dreams; Sin is not solely educational; Pain can make lessons stick & become more valuable; Story of Adam and Eve; This is a probationary time; Justice not an abstract principle - Law is established and affixed - the Father invokes mercy in our behalf through Savior; Hope for wandering or wayward children; Lord will give that punishment which is the very least that our transgressions will justify.
Lsn 35   Alma 43-48   The Zoramites & Amelekites gathered an army to attack the Nephites and the people of Ammon; Christian attitude toward war; Self-defense justifiable; Warn enemy in God’s name; We are NEVER to be the aggressor; Wickedness causes Lord to curse the land; Alma succeeded by Helaman; One man can spawn terrible war; James Madison & T. Jefferson on ‘the advantage of being armed’; Moroni took coat & made Title of Liberty; Garment of ancient Joseph & his story; Loyalty oath; Amalickiah & Lehonti met & Lehonti poisoned; Mormon says Nephites more wicked - nations must fear enemies from within.
Lsn 36   Alma 48-55  

Apostate Amalakiah now king of Lamanites; Review of war; Lehi defeats King Amalickiah’s army. Success attributed to their heeding commandments of God; Nephites prepared for war and fortified their cities; Why are there always so many Lamanites?; Great military leaders - Teancum, and Moroni and a new chief Judge Pahoran; Radical change in government; Kingmen and Freemen; Treason - fighting within and without the country; Teancum murdered King Amalickiah; People of Ammon protected by Nephites & 2,000 young men; Lamanites justify war and Ammoron sends Moroni epistle demanding they surrender but the Nephites won; Moroni receives epistle from Helaman telling that the whole internal structure of the Nephites collapsed in civil war; Everything desperate but the 2,000 rugged teenagers arrived to help.

Lsn 37   Alma 56-62   More on war & a review; News of people of Ammon; Fathers of teenage sons brought supplies; 2,000 teenagers used as bait; Mothers taught them not to doubt; 6,000 new recruits; Modern young soldiers given counsel; We must have strong defense; Helaman complains in letter to Moroni; Conditions of SW territory; Moroni’s angry letter to Pahoran; Pahoran explains insurrection; We will resist wickedness.
Lsn 38   Alma 62-
Helaman 4
  Nephites liberated many cities; Teancum killed the Lamanite king but was killed as well; Nations punished for collective sins; War came to an end; Helaman died; Hagoth the father of the Polynesians; Thor Heyerdahl story; Pahoran, Helaman I, & Moroni died. They were replaced with Moronihah & Helaman II. Sons of Pahoran ran for office of Chief Judge. Kishkumen assassinated Pahoran; Coriantumr - a Nephite dissenter led Lamanites to conquer Zarahemla; Gadianton & Kishkumen enter into secret oaths; J. Edgar Hoover & spying on dictatorships; Nephites migrated north; Tens of thousands baptized; Seven warnings on pride; When the Holy Spirit leaves a nation it becomes weak; Those who chose evil now more numerous than those who chose good; Lamanites in Zarahemla baptized; Restitution important; Lord protects missionaries with pillar of fire & cloud of darkness; The Spirit speaks 3 times in a still voice of perfect mildness; Lehi & Nephi engulfed in light speaking to angels; Heavy thick darkness fell on the people; Voice heard from heavens & angels came down and ministered to 300 souls.
Lsn 39   Helaman 6-10  

Nephites became hardened & Lamanites teachi them; Parley vents to John Taylor; People lazy & coveted others property. Much murder, robbery & plundering; Secret society flourished; They came directly from Satan; Wealth standard of human values; Whole Nephite nation submitted to Satan’s plan & philosophy; Modern Gadiantons; Gentiles of our day uphold conspiracies; A list of 20 criminal tactics employed by wicked; The book Tragedy & Hope exposes criminals of our day; The books The Merchant Bankers & None Dare Call It Conspiracy outline these secret societies; Nephi says the Gadianton robbers & murderers completely occupied the courts & made their own laws; Wept in his garden & crowd assembles - he attempts to awaken them.

Lsn 40   Helaman 10-15   Nephi gone for only six years & government was overrun by Gadiantons; Angel praised Nephi for his efforts & gave him great power & authority; Nephi severely warns people; Contentions increase; Guerrilla warfare; Except chastened, people forget God; Dust of the earth obeys God why not man?; Samuel the Lamanite says he was called by an angel & prophesies destruction; No private sins; Harold B. Lee says “the Church has some tight places to go..."; People cursed because of riches; Each dispensation kills its prophets; Foolish & blind guides; Those who refuse to be righteous are surrounded by devils; Gospel must be accepted here when presented or lose Celestial Kingdom; Sign given - day without night & new star; Jesus Christ the Father of heaven and earth; Spiritual and temporal death; Gives signs of Christ’s death - sun darkened no light whatsoever for three days; Many graves will be opened; Agency necessary for progression; Self determination, self actualization & individual will power more important than inheritance & environment; Samuel warns - no place to run as they alienated themselves from the Father; Praised Lamanites for unwearied diligence, for burying weapons of war & being steadfast.
Lsn 41   Helaman 16-3 Nephi 1-6   Being chosen does not guarantee they will retain that designation; Many grouped together in pre-existence; Lamanites hath He hated; Gospel of becoming; Better for non-members than for you if you don’t repent; Varying degrees of knowledge & sin; Confession of sins has two dimensions; Marvelous signs appear in heavens; Son of Helaman translated; Gifts of the Spirit; Signs follow those that believe; The wicked dare not others to believe; Voice of the Lord to Nephi....’the time is at hand’; When does the Spirit enter the body?; Rising generation falling away; No longer impressed by wonders sent by God; Righteous of Nephites & Lamanites unite to protect themselves; Laminites' curse taken away; Giddianhi - Gadianton leader vs. Lachoneus - a righteous member of Church demanding Nephites surrender; Lachoneus called the people to repentance so they could call on God for help; People had ignored, tolerated, or embraced wickedness; God’s people only fight defensively; Nephites depleted the land of food & supplies when they left so robbers couldn’t plunder; Lamanites shaved heads & died bodies in blood for shock value but God delivered Nephites. ALL ROBBERS killed or taken prisoner - a clean sweep of enemies; Prosperity, pride & boasting returns; They did not sin ignorantly - they took on themselves wicked oaths like unto Cain.
Lsn 42   3 Nephi 7-12  

Many in important positions were unrighteous & they affected the framework of the government & entire nation; Government broken up & divided into tribes and Jacob elected King of the Gadianton people; Nephi visited by angels and the Lord and boldly preached repentance; Stoned Nephi’s brother & Nephi raised him from the dead & people hated him for it; Violent tempests & earthquake; Great cities destroyed - earth became deformed; Thick darkness for three days; Christ’s suffering; Veil was rent in the temple; People mourn, howl & weep continually; Voice of Christ from heaven. ”Wo, wo, wo unto this people...”; Voice again “How oft would I have gathered you as a hen gathereth...”; Darkness removed and people gathered at the temple - Heavenly Father speaks and now introduces Christ and Christ descends from Heaven & showed his hands, feet and side; Then He called forth Nephi, his prophet and Picked 11 other Apostles; Explains doctrine - commands baptism - nny not baptized shall be damned; An explanation of the Sermon on the Mount; People commanded to listen & obey words of these twelve; Some information on the Beatitudes.

Lsn 43   3 Nephi 12-15  

More on the Beatitudes; How does one see God?; Saints to be a light to the world, a city set on a hill, saviors of men; Christ came not to destroy the law, but to fulfill it through Him; Avoid passionate anger; Resolve & dissolve differences, be peacemakers; Avoid legal entanglements; Adultery & fornication & divorce; Love your enemies; Be perfect; Do alms to the poor; Father knows what we need before we ask; Forgive in your hearts; Fasting; Let your light so shine; Lay up treasures in heaven; No man can serve two masters; Eight verses where Jesus spoke directly to Quorum of the Twelve; Then to the people - Judge not unrighteously; Mysteries to be kept secret; The Golden Rule; Enter at strait gate; Principles of gospel do not change - but methods change; I AM THE LAW - what is the law? Obey the Ten Commandments.

Lsn 44   3 Nephi 16-19   Other sheep which are not of this fold; Miraculous return of Lost Ten Tribes; Jesus commends the Gentiles & notes that they were blessed but that will change in latter days - (America) will commit pride, deceit, hypocrisy, priestcraft, whoredoms, fornication, adultery, homosexuality, secret abomination & murder; Gentiles must repent; Upon my house shall it begin; Modern general authorities warn us of terrible calamities; The Priesthood are the watchmen to spread the gospel; After their testimony come wrath & indignation on the people; Jesus heals them; Jesus groaned within Himself - He wept; He blessed their children and angels came down and ministered unto them; Lord administers sacrament to them; Our faith & prayers efficacious only after all we can do; Jesus teaches us to always pray unto the Father in His name; No one unworthy should partake of sacrament; Strangers are to be welcomed in our meetings; The 12 Apostles in America were...; All were re-baptized; Holy Ghost fell upon them; Christ separates Himself from them & kneels & prays to the Father alone and then returns and blesses the people; All prayed & their faces glowed white; Jesus again separates Himself for private prayer & miraculously the multitude could understand his magnificent prayer; “So great faith have I never seen among all the Jews...”
Lsn 45   3 Nephi 20-25  

Jesus did not appear among the Nephites until several months; Note the unique & touching view of the emotional attributes of a glorified God; Lord stopped the people from praying out loud but in their hearts - it was a sacred time for the sacrament; Bread & wine miraculously appears before Savior; He says search the words of Isaiah; Lost books; Jesus teaches His apostles of the happenings prior to his Second Coming; A New Jerusalem in America to be established; Lord explains about becoming children of the covenant; Seed of Abraham to bless all mankind; Warning to descendants of the Gentiles, who in latter days accept gospel and then turn from it; 16 centuries Jews persecuted in Christ’s name - that is to stop!; Two royal cites - Jerusalem & New Jerusalem; A sign will be given prior to His return; Words of Josiah Quincy & Count Leo Tolstoy on Joseph Smith & Church; “Their bounds are set - they cannot pass...”; Lord describes some of the destruction in the latter days; Wilford Woodruff & Harold B. Lee prophesy; Building temple in New Jerusalem; Ephriam has the keys; Lord warns Gentiles not to reject the latter day gospel & drive saints from them; and explains the sequence of things that will happen when He comes to Adam-ondi-Ahman; Again Lord commands us to search the words of Isaiah & other scriptures & then He explained fully the Plan of Salvation expounding scripture; His messengers will precede His Second Coming to prepare the way; Sons of Levi will be purified; Tithing important; Geneology work to be done.

Lsn 46   3 Nephi 26 –
4 Nephi
  Jesus quotes Malachi - scriptures not contained in their scriptures; Again expounds all things from the beginning; Mormon says Lord’s teachings so extensive that a hundredth part could not be recorded; Why our minds darkened; Lord held back “greater things”; In second conference with Saints shared sacrament; again healed sick, deaf and blind and even raised a man from the dead; If we don’t know scriptures we can’t recognize true doctrine; Savior send out missionaries over the rest of the land; Jesus named His true Church; Wicked allowed temporary pleasure & suffer mental pain & remorse later; Understanding ‘born again’; Gospel of becoming; Approaching the bar of God for judgement; Roll back the tape of our lives; Jesus says the 12 in Jerusalem & the 12 Apostles in America will judge the people; Ye shall never taste of death; John the Beloved was translated; Transfiguration; The three Nephites; JEWISH HOPE & story of Jewish & Arab conflict; The coming forth of the Book of Mormon signals the gathering and the tribulation to come. If Gentiles accept it they can escape the consuming destruction that will come; The rise & fall of The Nephites covering 288 years; Nine points on The Law of Consecration; Now the nation goes from nearly perfect happiness to collapse (ll points) - again the Gadianton robbers spread over the land; gold & sliver & commerce were their gods.
Lsn 47   4 Nephi –
Mormon 1-6

Saints in America had great social, economic & political success during their Golden Age; Apostasy came again - Law of Consecration created great wealth; greed came & Satan entered their hearts; People withheld surplus; The Three translated Nephites seized - thrown into prison & fire - received no harm; The wicked turned on saints of God; Gadianton conspiracy overran the whole land; Warning of modern men to us; Modern rising generation had truth, miracles, blessings but turned backs on it; Many killed - Mormon chosen keeper of records - the Lord forbade him to preach to those who willfully rebelled; “Give not which is holy to the dogs...”; People buried treasures & they were slippery; Many sorceries & witchcrafts & magic to delude people; Sin is intensely habit-forming; Mormon at 16 appointed military leader; Lamanites attacked and the people mourned & cursed God & blamed Him; What is true repentance?; Thousands killed in open rebellion against God; The strength of the Lord left them; Mormon resigned and Lord commanded him to preach to a “new” generation; War came & Nephites boasted as to their strength; Many profaned & blasphemed God’s sacred name; Is war ever justified?; The Lord commands Mormon NOT to lead them into battle - he is to witness battles & record warning to people of the latter days (us) as we will face same trials; For waging offensive wars they suffered a devastating defeat; Everyone delighted in shedding blood; Hearts wax cold; Lamanites offered women & children as sacrifices & Nephites lost every war; Mormon now 64 decides to lead his people & die with them in battle; Both sides gather for one last massive battle; Its now 384 years from Christ’s resurrection; Mormon now 75 yrs old - buries sacred records; People fear death - Lamanites attack - Mormon wounded & 24 Nephites left alive - “Oh that ye had repented...”

Lsn 48   Mormon 8-9  

“Know ye not that ye are of the house of Israel?”; Is there a chosen people?; Book of Mormon bears witness of the Bible; “Take another stick and write upon it”; Atheism - a religion?; 400 years from the Savior’s resurrection; Are all Nephites destroyed?; White Lamanites (Indians) of Darien story; Moroni digs up sacred records & found additional ore to add new chapters; whole land one continual round of murder & bloodshed; Moroni warns people of latter days not to condemn this book (Book of Mormon) as it is vital and indispensable. Gamaliel in NT warned not to judge the apostles for fear it be of God; The Lord Himself severely warns of this same truth; Dr. Joseph Klausner, Professor of Hebrew, writes of the latter day Joseph (Smith); What the Samaritans write about him (4 points); Information on Joseph Smith & a description of him; Moroni warns us of wars, fires, tempests & vapors of smoke; all manner of abominations - all walk in the pride of their Hearts ignoring the poor; He speaks to non-believers “Will you say There is no God when brought before Him?”; Those who are filthy will be filthy still; God is a God of miracles; Story of the wood-duck; Doubt not - be wise in your days of probation.

Lsn 49   Ether 1-6  

The story of the Jaradites; History from the creation to the migration from the Tower of Babel - brought across the ocean to the promised land around 2200 B.C.; The story of another nation who turned their backs on God; It stands as an accompanying witness that Jesus is the Christ; story of German boy; 24 plates were found (30 generations recorded); History - Noah, Shem, Nimrod. Nimrod didn’t deny God’s existence - just said He wasn’t important anymore; Why the flood?; Story of the Brother of Jared - Mahonri Moriancumer and families' flight to the promised land; Do you get answers to your prayers?; Lord talked with Brother of Jared in a cloud & chastised him; Only a righteous people can prosper in this land - all others swept off; Our prayers not to become casual or routine; Confess and FORSAKE sin - an explanation of this given; Lord gives directions on building barges; Repent & confess sins of self & of people before asking for individual or group blessings; “You must study it out in your mind...”; Brother of Jared saw the finger of the Lord; Lord then showed Himself & conversed face to face & thus the Brother of Jared received the Second Comforter; Christ bears witness of Himself; Christ does NOT reveal Himself to UNBELIEVING men; Lord mentions Urim & Thummin; The white stone; Brother of Jared saw in vision an account of this world & commanded to write it; Lord says those who reject or contend against this book of Mormon will be accursed; Calling & election made sure; Nephi speaks of Joseph Smith; The Lord touches stones & give light to barges; The people asked for a king - They have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me.

Lsn 50   Ether 7-15   Moroni chronicles at least 30 generations; Shows how people are introduced to a cycle of wickedness & perversion repeated over & over again; First king of Jaredites - Orihah; Note how quickly people lost a say in who governed them; Rebellion within extended royal families for power; A king’s daughter introduced wicked oaths & laid foundation for secret murder cults; Akish taught them to his family; We read of the purpose, means of growth, & final end of a people who uphold secret combinations; Ether warns that our nation faces this; Modern gentiles must resist these murderous combinations & not allow them to give above them; When ye see these things WAKE UP; To deny conspiracies in last days is tantamount to denying the divine integrity of the BM; They will seek to overthrow freedom of all lands & comes from the devil; The importance of prophets; Stop practicing selective obedience; Secret combinations took over - no one was safe; King Omer warned in a dream to flee & Akish beheaded King Jared; Wars ensued - Judgments came - Lord sends natural disasters to humble the people; Prophets raised up to warn; Crops couldn’t be planted; Ether prophesied night & day great & marvelous things; Hope for a better world - hope is born of faith in Christ; What is faith?; Info on the pure Adamic language; Gentiles of latter days will mock but Lord said, “Fools mock....”; Moses & Paul humbled; Individualized weaknesses & limitations given to humble us & push us to higher levels & strengthen us.
Lsn 51   Ether 12:38-39   All things operate according to law - blessings flow from obedience to those laws & curses from disobedience; Signs follow those that believe they do not precede; Desire to believe - accept a portion of the truth - faith will come; People now fully ripened in iniquity; Entire civilization caved in on itself; Ether expounded on all things but he was cast out and hid in a cave; Cults arose to destroy current government; Wicked King Coriantumr fought back and the Lord sent Ether (and the people). Repent and there will be peace otherwise all was to be lost; He was rejected; Now collective sins bring collective punishment; A great curse came; Thieves took anything & everything; Vicious war erupts - Men involved - Gilead, Lib, Shiz, Corianton; Neutrality no longer an option; Whole country strewn with dead or dying bodies - stench terrible; The fulness of the Lord’s wrath poured out upon them for not repenting; Hard core wickedness set in motion hard to stop; Coriantumr’s soul mourned bitterly - he was desperate - but the people did not have a change of heart - they chose to remain victims; War suspended for gathering for one last battle of annihilation; Satan now had full power; People ate, slept & prepared for war. Coriantumr alone survived & later discovered by the people of Zarahemla.
Lsn 52   Moroni 1-7   Moroni finishes abridgement of the history of the Jaradites; Turns thoughts to latter days & records fundamental ordinances which were administered in the Church of his day; He testifies of the need for a formal church organization organized by Jesus Christ - not just anyone; Practical instruction on discerning between good & evil - between that which is of God and which is of Satan. Also learn about the interdependence of the three core elements of the Gospel of Jesus Christ - faith, hope and charity. More on infant baptism; The special witnesses in America & their receipt of the Holy Ghost; More on the 12 disciples in America; Ordination of priests & teachers; Administering the Sacrament; Promises given if we are true to our covenants; Proper mode of baptism given; Meet in Church often to fast and pray; Seek guidance of Lord in planning meetings; topics & speakers; “If their works be good, then they are good also if done with noble motives”; Hypocritical prayers will not be heard; Judge good from evil; Every man born to receive light of truth; Wicked to highlight, accentuate, or display another’s sin in public; N. Eldon Tanner on judging; Take hold of every good thing; Miracles still abound - if not, true Church not on the earth; Seek help of the Holy Spirit to understand doctrine; Man indebted to God for his intelligence, wisdom & ability - acknowledge & thank Him for it.
Lsn 53   Moroni 7-10   “How is it that ye can attain unto faith, save ye have hope?”; Two types of hope; Suffering part of life & without death human life cannot be complete; He who has "why" to live for can bear with almost any "how"; Victor Frankl’s comments; We cannot have faith and hope save we be meek and lowly of heart; What is meekness?; Charity must be centered in Christ; What is Charity? Nine points given to rate yourself to see if you are charitable; Obedience is the first law of the gospel, then comes sacrifice, charity, then the principles of the Gospel - repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost, join restored church, endure to the end - all are important & necessary; We can become like Christ; Baptism of little children not necessary until 8 years old as they are covered under atonement; Little children can reform but not repent; “Christ came not to call the righteous but the sinners to repentance - the whole need no physician but they that are sick”; Satan loosed after the Millennium & people again will be tempted; The Holy Ghost changes the inner man, fills us with hope and perfect love; Mormon now recounts the awful consequences of the spiritual decline of his people; When warned with sharpness the people tremble & anger - when no sharpness used their harden their hearts against it; "Reproving betimes with sharpness" when moved upon by the Holy Ghost is a DIVINE CHARGE; Smooth words don’t always stir the soul; Atrocities described; People fully ripened in iniquity - people without conscience are also without principle; Guard against living in the past, remaining one dispensation behind - don’t refuse modern revelation in the name of allegiance to an ancient one; Moroni says seek for the power of the Holy Ghost & the Gifts of the Spirit - some are listed; Three manifestations of the gift of tongues; Plead with God in prayer - repent of our hardness of heart, our indifference & our carelessness in this regard; Moroni bears testimony - exhorts all to come unto Christ & be perfected in Him; Book of Mormon written for our day- We have had unequaled prosperity, deadly pride, flagrant idolatry, and widespread lack of charity. BEWARE & REPENT.